10 o’clock list: Best Holes on Campus


As someone who chose Kenyon partly for its aesthetic appeal, this past year has not been great for me. So far I’ve witnessed the execution of Olin, the takeover of the mods, and the annual transition of Middle Path from a scenic walkway to a mile-long puddle. At least there has been one group of constants in my life: Kenyon’s holes. Wide or narrow, deep or shallow, these holes never fail to catch my attention and make me think, “This will do.”

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Trees that Are Too Stupid to Realize that It Isn’t Fall Yet

Trees that Are Too Stupid to Realize that It Isn’t Fall Yet

If my memory serves me correctly, September started just one short week ago. Which means that there’s about two weeks before the Equinox. Which means, of course, that it is not technically Fall. Still, some of the trees on campus insist that it is Fall and that they should go ahead and change the colors of their leaves.

Nuh-uh, buddy. Not so fast. I’m here to shame you into staying green for a little while longer.

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10 o’clock List: Kenyon’s Best Trees



Treet yo’self                                                                                                                                                                                     Photo credit: Alex Contreras ’17

We can take a lesson from trees. They’re tall. Resilient. They grow they way I’d like to grow: slowly, constantly, earnestly. We must accept diversity as trees do: deciduous, conifer, ficus, bonsai. We must learn to change with the seasons, and shed our precious leaves that inevitably die come autumn. We should all be so lucky to develop xylem and phloem. We all must learn to inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. That’s not a metaphor; we should literally do that.

These are some of my favorite trees on campus. Go spend some quality time with them.

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Middle Path Trees are Returning!


The trees that we believe will soon line the northern portion of Middle Path are currently in the process of being unloaded by Bexley Hall. We have no idea when the trees will actually be planted, though an email sent about a month ago said all trees should be in the ground by Commencement, with all work being completed by Reunion Weekend, just in time for the southern portion of Middle Path to be torn up and replaced.Tree-lightful!

10 o’clock list: Substitute Pets


That’s one squishy Squish!

The end of the semester is approaching, which means you probably haven’t been back to the motherland in a while. What do you miss most? Family? Psh. No. PETS! If finals week has got your goat, and if your pet withdrawal has led you to thinking, Get meow-t of here! I’m ready for summer neigh-cation! No more kitten around! Act now! Here are some alternatives to your faraway furry friends (no pet rocks allowed).  Continue reading