How to Tell Your Family About Your Weekend Without Revealing Your Heathen Ways

So, it’s that time again. You finally remember to call your family, they ask you how your weekend was, and you don’t have an answer. What are you supposed to say, that you partied so hard you don’t actually remember your weekend? Having some pre-prepared white lies to these questions can help you get out of situations like this. Luckily, they’re so simple, you can remember them no matter how hungover you are.

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Gossip From the Hill


Trick or treat, they’re one and the same to me

Good Afternoon, Ladies and Lords. Hmm, so I guess dancing on the stage may not have been the best idea, but at least campus safety couldn’t shut that party down. Still, I’m disappointed, I was expecting more professor DFMOs and break dancing, I mean those guys actually remember the real Beatles. Alas, you were all little angels on Saturday night, unless of course your prof had to, um, “confiscate” that glass of wine your upperclassman friend snuck for you. Continue reading