Four Minute Lecture: Rachel Kessler



This is a four minute (actually, a bit longer than that) lecture with the campus chaplain, Rachel Kessler, a graduate of Kenyon herself! Here is she discussing The Good Place, a show airing on NBC that is currently available in full on Hulu. There will be spoilers!!! Featuring random noises from me and my friend Ceci eating Oreos and fruit snacks and agreeing with what Rachel is saying.

Queer 101: The Mother******* Queer Death Trope


So many tears for so many queers ~via

What’s up, queer friends and allies? Are you ready for some more eduGAYtion? :) Unfortunately, today’s topic is going to be kind of frustrating. I’m here to discuss queer representation in the media. More specifically, I’m going to rant a little about something called the queer death trope. If you’re part of the queer community, you probably already know what this is. If you’re not part of the queer community, or are unaware that this is a thing (which is totally okay, but just prepare to have your dreams crushed), this week’s Queer 101 will quickly outline what the death trope is, why we should care about it, and why so many people are talking about it now. So throw on your mourning clothes and join me in my fictional graveyard as we explore one of the most unfair tropes in books, television, and other forms of media. Welcome, ladies, gents, and non-binary folks, to the land of the dead queers.

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Living Your Private Life in Public: TV at Kenyon

old tv

There’s a reason college students love television — On the micro level, TV shows are easy to squeeze  in between classes. On the macro level, they offer the same emotional attachment as a movie, but often to a deeper and more personal extent. But in our little world on the hill, where can we watch our shows? It’s a little embarrassing to ugly-cry in front of your roommate because of what happened in the Legend of Korra Book 2 finale episode, but then again, it’s also pretty embarrassing to do it alone in Lower Dempsey. Continue reading

10 o’clock list: TV shows that you will not feel guilty about watching…



…once you graduate and have no homework. This list was written by the lovely Ellen Blanchard ’12, who graduated from Kenyon last spring and now watches guilt-free TV. Mnm, that sounds lovely.

  1. Storage Wars. Four sweaty old men bet on abandoned storage lockers to find big bucks in hidden treasures and collectibles. I have never been so enthralled by petrified wood, cigarette boxes, or Barry’s cars. Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Five Current TV Shows to Help You Procrastinate

Just imagine being as tall as Joel McHale…

It’s Monday, which means that our much coveted Reading Daze are officially over and life has no other choice but to get back on schedule. Alarm clocks will ring again and it is probably about time to crack open your Feminism is for Everybody: Passionate Politics book that has quietly been gathering dust in the corner of your room. But, if you are like me and the acknowledgement of deadlines and essay outlines make you want to run for the hills, then I have a list to help you procrastinate starting the piles of work you left festering over Reading Daze. Here is a list of current television shows that you can now waste time falling in love with.

1. Parenthood. Now that Friday Night Lights is officially over, the Taylors have moved out of Texas and all of my learned football phrases are sadly forgotten (Ed. Sorry, Buzz. At least Romney still likes you.). But, I have news for you: there is still a way to get warm family values. Parenthood‘s Braverman family is loud, rambunctious, and a little bit crazy, but they always make it work. I promise, after you watch just one episode you’ll be more invested in their family than you are in your own.

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