Kenyon Doppelgangers: Annie Blackman ’20 and Abby Patton ’23

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Abby Patton ’23 and Annie Blackman ’20

In September 2019, then Editor-in-Chief Michael Audet ‘20 told me something along the lines of, “One of the Ransom Notes newbies looks exactly like Annie Blackman, I keep calling her Annie instead of Abby.” In true content opportunist fashion, we immediately decided to turn their shared features into an article for our sweet little blog. They’d both gotten the comparison before and agreed to an interview. In September. It is now February. Anyway.

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Kenyon Doppelgangers: A Tale of Two Cranes

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Get ready, because we’re back again with the next long-awaited edition of Kenyon Doppelgangers, the classic Thrill feature where we profile two students with uncanny similarities for your viewing pleasure. I’m sure you’ve all seen our first student, Krane, ’22, hanging around Rosse and sometimes swinging by the Gund Gallery, but our second subject is a bit of a mystery.

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Kenyon Doppelgängers: Anna Hampton ’22 and Delilah Draper ’22


Two girls stand before me, but I have only one Thrill feature in my hands.

That was the voice of Tyra Banks coming to me, as she often does, when I met with Anna Hampton and Delilah Draper earlier this week. Both first-years, and both blonde, these ladies are competing to be Kenyon’s Next Top Doppelgängers. Continue reading

Kenyon Doppelgängers: Harlee Mollenhopf ’17 and Maya Street-Sachs ’17

The 5'2 first-years

The 5’2 first-years

Harlee Mollenkopf ’17 and Maya Street-Sachs ’17 have been aware of each other’s presence on campus for quite awhile now. Both girls, bustling with laughter, commented on how often they are mistaken for each other. Maya noted that she was mistaken for Harlee earlier in the week when a concerned student asked her how her leg was doing (Harlee hurt her leg a few weeks ago in a sledding accident.) Both girls commented on times people got angry when they did not answer a call for the other girl. Maya even was offered a potential lover when one of Harlee’s exes said “Why don’t I just date you? You’re basically Harlee anyway.”

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