The Friday Ketchup


Welcome back from break, kiddos. I hope you all got to spend some time tanning like I did. I sure do love peeling off the skin from every inch of my body, the intense satisfaction of it slowly detaching in my fingers. Like a molting snake I am born anew, tan and clean. All look in awe at my bronzed body, basking in my otherworldly glow. I have absorbed the Sun and taken its light. Darkness runs from me and the pale northern hordes are forced to shield their eyes from my brilliance. I am a golden god. Nothing can stop me. It’s the Friday Ketchup. Continue reading

Coming Out via Twitter, G-Chat, and the Kim K Game



There are many ways to come out to your friends and family.  Some of them involve sitting down and talking to your family.  However, that’s boring.  Why do that when you can either accidentally come out to people or come up with inventive ways to do so?

  • My favorite way that I’ve came out to someone was when I accidentally came out to my Grandma and Aunt on Twitter.  So, basically, I forgot that Twitter wasn’t just me shouting into the void and tweeted something about Hillary Clinton being the candidate who cared about LGBT equality and thus me.  A couple of days later, my Grandma replied to the tweet saying she loved me and supported me.  A couple of minutes after that, my Aunt texted me with a similar message.  I wasn’t sure how to respond and was kind of overwhelmed, so I didn’t respond to them right away.  When I did, I opened with, “This isn’t how I imagined coming out to the family, but…” Continue reading

Kenyon Kanye: Part II

You might not know it yet, but most of Kanye West’s tweets are actually about Kenyon. Almost any Kanye tweet can be tied back to Kenyon if you know what to look for, which we do (shout out to my liberal arts education for these critical analysis skills). Last time, we looked at how Kanye’s tweets reflect Kenyon’s faculty and staff. This time, we’re looking at what Kanye has to say about Kenyon’s campus.

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Best “I got accepted to Kenyon! OMG!” Tweets


It’s that time of the season again where the prospies become admitted students!  And that means that Twitter is alive with some very happy people who want to share the good news!  Check out some of our favorite tweets below! Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Kenyon Specific @dril Tweets


@dril has gained popularity recently, and for a good reason.


We (hopefully) all know and love him- wint @dril is one of Twitter’s greatest successes. Nearly every tweet he produces possess this strangely violating yet invigorating wit. Once you start reading them, you can’t get enough. I figured I’d turn my mindless hours spent perusing his work into something useful and compile some of dril’s tweets that conjure thoughts of our home on the hill the most.


I’ve been in some similar debates during my time here, with essentially the same outcome, albeit verbal. Don’t even get me started on “How would Cthulhu take his coffee” or “Which Power Ranger is the worst at hula hooping”.

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