The Monday Catchup


Dear class of 2022,

Wow! Congratulations! You studied. You applied. Kenyon swiped right on you and you swiped right back. You could afford to pay full price, had an SAT tutor, and are white — Super Like. I’ll just call you Cool Mint because you are too Juul for school. But, who really cares. You’re in the club now. Your K-card photo is still reflective of how you look in real life (just give it some time), and yeah, you DO know who pinegrove is, but their new stuff is garbage. How was your weekend?

“Dude I ran out of pods.”

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10 o’clock list: Kenyon Acts of Kindness (KAKs)

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Idk ’bout u, but since the presidential election I’ve been feeling pretty impotent. Of course, there’s a million and three ways to help out: organize/attend rallies, protests, volunteer at or donate to the ACLU/Planned Parenthood/many other places, call the White House ((202) 456-1111), your Senator/Representative…

I was talking to my mom the other night and told her that I don’t know what else I can do to make things better. She said she doesn’t really know either, but she’s trying to be kinder to everyone because at this point, pretty much, she’s assuming everyone she meets is going through a harder time than usual. So, inspired by my good ol’ mom, here are some ways to be kind and immediately impact Kenyon peeps (not to be confused with Kenyon PEEPS). Take them, leave them, call them moralistic/prescriptive/artificial. But do it kindly.

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