Weekend Drink: Reading Days Cider

Here's the majestic view you can stare blissfully while you ease back pretend there's nothing else you need to be doing

Here’s the majestic view you can stare blissfully while you ease back pretend there’s nothing else you need to be doing.

Well, Fall is here, and as is tradition, so is pumpkin flavoring.  Pumpkin flavored everything.  Coffee, cake, cookies, water, pumpkins…the list goes on and on.  And on.  (Until December rolls around, which it’s then immediately replaced with peppermint.)  Anyway, despite my prejudice against the sickening cascade of pumpkin that’s about to descend upon us all, it’s Reading Days!  So relax, sit out on a porch somewhere before it gets too cold, and watch the leaves change color while you still can.  Or before you have to finally get to all that work you’re actively ignoring right now. Here’s a drink to complement the perfect weather and the fact that we (pretend we) don’t have any work to do:

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Sriracha Shaming

You’ve just gotten a bowl of delicious, yet somewhat bland, pad thai. You walk into Thomas, trying to balance your dishes, and up to the condiment table. Yet, you are met with nothing but disappointment when you approach to find that some assholes have taken the Sriracha again. But never fear, the Thrill is here! Using our greatest investigative journalistic techniques, we’ve found those who hoard the bottles and will lay them here for public ridicule and hatred.

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