10 o’clock list: The Thrill’s Lows

It was truly an end of an era.

It was truly the end of an era.

As my eighth grade heroine Hannah Montana once said, “Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days.” We at The Thrill understand this. As our commenters love to point out, we have a lot of those days. Here are some particular days where we at The Thrill have groaned and hung our heads in shame. Read on and revel in our grief, dear readers.

1. That Time We Got Shut Down. Though it turned out to be a misunderstanding, on April 21, 2014, we received word from WordPress that the blog had been shut down. We were convinced that our completely normal and legitimate 4/20 content had been the demise of the blog, which would be a pretty smokin’ way to go (pun totally intended). But, beating the U.S. government, our shutdown lasted less than a day and we were soon back and as mediocre as ever.

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Uphill/Downhill: Office Hours and the End

Here we are, last week of classes…

Uphill: Office Hours — I was going to go with Friday Night Blow-Out, but what I am really thankful for is that we still have these into the last week of the semester. This is the time to walk into your professors’ offices and casually tell them you have no idea what the hell you are doing and that you are screwed for the final. It’s ok though, they are there to help. Just try not to disappoint them too much.

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Uphill/Downhill: Procrastination and Winter

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Welcome back!

Uphill: Post-Thanksgiving Kenyon — We are now in the homestretch. Professors save some of their best lectures for this time of the semester. We have holiday parties and seasonal food and drink to look forward to. And, of course, Kenyon in the snow is wonderful and cozy. This is one of the sneaky best choices for great times at Kenyon. Admissions would have you believe that Fall and Spring are best, but the first glimpses of Winter are truly spectacular at Kenyon.

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Uphill/Downhill: Peircegiving and the Thanksgiving Assignment

Well it’s hump day again, this week kind of feels like it’s flying by.

Uphill: Peircegiving — Finally, Peircegiving week has arrived. The most festive time of the year! It’s not so much that the food will be different (I am very much not a Peirce hater), but more so that I love the idea of having a big ol’ community meal. Peircegiving really feels like a scene out of Harry Potter (a comparison I love to hate on, but in this case just love).

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Uphill/Downhill: Quiet Time and Crunch Time

Well, you all survived the weekend, congrats.

Uphill: Peace and Quiet — After a long month of October it is finally November and time to relax a little more on the weekends. Consider for a moment the fact that we have had Halloweekend, the Inauguration, Parents Weekend and Reading Daze all in a row. Finally, we have a weekend to just relax and spend time with those closest to us instead of hanging out with all 1,600-some students on campus.

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