Weekend Sports Roundup

Tierney McClure '16

Tierney McClure ’16

We can take two things away from this weekend’s results: One, that Wabash College really enjoys crushing Kenyon’s hopes and dreams, and two, that the swim team is as good as ever.  Here’s what happened:


Women’s Soccer at Denison University: WIN 1-0


Men’s Soccer at Denison University: WIN 1-0

Volleyball vs. The College of Wooster: Loss 0-3 Continue reading

Visiting Player Dares to Achieve Fame on OUR Basketball Court

The nerve of that Wabash College! Not only did they beat the Lords 79-51 on Saturday, they also made minor headlines when player Aaron Zinnerman sunk an unlikely backwards over-the-head shot (there may be a more technical term for that; all I know is it looks cool) in our very own Tomsich Arena. The spectacle was featured on Yahoo! Sports, and you can watch the video above (for some reason, the video is still for the first six seconds).

Whatever — at least our mascot isn’t the Little Giants. That doesn’t even make sense.