Honest Question: What is the Hit Song “Anna Sun” About?

Oh, you know the song. Anna Sun isn’t only the beloved Sociology professor at Kenyon College, but the name of a chart-topping hit with a melody you can’t shake. When you were home for weeks at a time whether it be Thanksgiving or Spring break, you mentioned/humble-bragged to your friends from home while you were coasting that the song they were blasting is actually based on that tiny speck of land you call your college. Did you know Anna Sun is based on Kenyon? Yeah, the lead singer went there. Yeah I’m the coolest person you know. 

We decided to investigate one step further, push the envelope if you will. We listened to the earth-shattering lyrics over and over, desperate to find the clear references to the ‘bier.

Fire-crackers in the east my car parked south: Ok he’s obviously talking about dear South Lot 2, lovingly known as the ends of the earth.

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Walk the Moon Free on iTunes

Photo via Instagram (Just kidding. Sort of?)

The Thrill got a hot tip from Frances Sutton ’13 that Walk the Moon‘s brutally hip hit “Anna Sun” is the free single of the week on iTunes. If you don’t already own this song, (because you don’t go to Kenyon, you’re too cool to listen to Walk the Moon or you’re Anna Sun) jump on this. Unless you scored an NCA, the line “this house is falling apart” will really resonate next year.

Exclusive Anna Sun song response email screengrab after the jump.

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Walk the Moon Makes Front Page (Gets Famous Again)

(Via theotherpaper.com) Check it. Front page.

If you’re one of those people who jump at the opportunity to wave anything Kenyon-related in the face of your hometown friends to prove that it, you know, exists, then listen up. It’s no secret that Walk the Moon’s fame is intensifying, and this trend continues as they dominate the front cover of The Other Paper, Columbus’ source for local news and entertainment. As well as giving the band an extensive feature article, the paper also gives a brief shout out to Kenyon (heyyo).

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Walk the Moon Gets More Famous

Someone even made them a Tumblr!

On Thursday, April 5, Walk the Moon performed their hit single “Anna Sun” (inspired by the time lead singer Nick Petricca ’09 spent at Kenyon) on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The show has hosted many prominent artists like Bruce Springsteen and “Neil Young,” and this is yet another accomplishment that Walk the Moon can add to their growing list of achievements.

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Here’s Vintage Walk the Moon Playing the Song That Made Them Famous

The footage you see above, dear readers, is sort-of-Kenyon band Walk the Moon playing their hit “Anna Sun” way back in 2009. This was back when the band featured Nick Lerangis ’09 and, we believe, Adrian Galvin ’12. Galvin isn’t in the video, so we can’t be sure.

The video comes to us by way of Frances Sutton ’13, who is currently abroad but still Tumbling like a pro. Hi Frances!

[via Sutton Says]

10 o’clock list: Top Five Kenyon-Specific Words or Phrases

The Gunderworld (See #4)

This gem comes to us tonight from friend-of-The-Thrill Ellen Blanchard ’12. If you want to achieve the fame that Ellen has (both through this list and her blockbuster performance at Life on the Hill) you can send your submissions for the 10 o’clock list to thekenyonthrill@gmail.com.

5. “Extendo” – To your friends at OSU and Oberlin, this is just the subject line of spam email. But to you, it means pre-dinner panini (i.e. the world).
4. “Gunderworld” – Where first years go to do laundry or pull all-nighters. (Editor’s note: Some of us also lived there.) See also: Gunderhood, second level of Hell.
3. “Servery” – When you go home and share this as the setting of many social interactions, people are utterly befuzzled by anything besides “cafeteria.”
2. “Comps” – Every school thinks this process is unique to their institution, but we’ve all got ’em, whether six-hour exams, 50-page research papers or lighting sparklers in the shape of the Statue of Liberty.
1. “My Car Parked South” – Because it is the only phrase (besides the title) in that Walk the Moon song that has any direct resonance with Kenyon students.