Water Out In Old Kenyon So, Like, PLEASE Don’t Light It On Fire Again [UPDATED]

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[Update 3:45PM] – Housing and Reslife has issued another email alerting Old Kenyon residents that as soon as the water is restored to the building, they will be under a “boil alert” (much like New Apts.) for “approximately” 24 hours. The email from ResLife reads:

Once the repairs to the sewer line near Leonard have been completed and water is restored to your residence hall, a “boil alert” will be in effect.   It is important to note that any time there is any type of water line disruption in a community – on or off campus, a “boil alert” is issued until the water can be tested to ensure that the line was not contaminated during the water line work.  While community members may boil water during an alert, it is more common these days to just use water from other sources to drink and cook with until the alert is lifted. In this case, the water in every campus building, except Old Kenyon, is safe for human consumption.  While outages such as these are certainly inconvenient, safe drinking water is currently available from a number of other buildings on campus: all of the academic buildings, all of the residence halls except Old Kenyon, the KAC, and Peirce.  Meals, as well as water, are also available in Peirce.  Until the alert is over, I would suggest filling up a water bottle when you are in Peirce or at class.

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Send-Off ProTip: General Tips and Tricks

Here is are some simple tips for this years Send-Off:  Don’t drink the night before Send-Off (it might be too late for that). Pace yourself, it’s an easy one to forget, Send-Off is a marathon, not a sprint. Also drink water. Also wear sunscreen. Also take food from that cart that the CAs bring around if they still do that. Also watch out for elbows on the beer pong table, your fellow students cheat. Also eat protein. Also don’t be stupid. Also don’t get drunk and break something on campus and then have people be all “who would do that” and then you’ll be all “I know right.” Also have fun. Also remember that you have things to do next week. Also please remain standing for the national anthem of Margaritaville.