Ta Ta For Now (mostly)

Middle Path will still be beautiful next fall.

Hello, astute and attractive readers of The Thrill. Well, it looks like Dormside Depot has schlepped their last box and sounds like 24 quiet hours have finally ceased. The time has come to go home.

The first year of The Thrill  has been equal parts challenging and rewarding. As we’ve navigated the rough waters, you’ve stuck with us! We’ve blogged our way through Kelly Rowland and poorly advised dating tips, tricks to English major success and poorly advised sex columns (maybe we should stop writing about romance?).  Through thick and thin, you, dear readers, have been the best.

We’ve had a great time writing for you this year, but it’s time for us to take a respite. For the next couple of months we plan to only post sporadically, if at all. But don’t worry,  we’ll be back to our regular schedule eventually. And we’ll be looking for new writers in the fall!

We love you. See you in August.


Your New Editors, Becca Hafter ’14 and Leslie Martin ’14


Your Old Editor, David McCabe ’14