Classes with the Best Reading Lists at Kenyon

Image via Matthias Stom

Now that I am an old and grumpy senior, I have begun to spend my time one of two ways. The first way is by complaining about how crowded the servery is at noon and attributing the crowd to the extra 90 students that admissions allowed to enroll this year and the year previous. (Related: admissions, if you are going to get rid of the supplemental essays, you better get ready to really, really improve your enrollment math because the servery just can’t handle any more of us). The second way I spend my time is by reflecting on how much and how well I’ve read during my years at Kenyon. I thought my fellow seniors (and some extra-smart juniors and sophomores) might also feel that they’ve become very well-read during their time here, so I asked a bunch of them to recommend the classes they’ve taken that have had the best reading lists.

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