Josh Radnor’s Music and Drawing What I Feel


I would say that I am the Thrill’s resident Alumni Stalker. I Facebook messaged John Green for months on end (always being left on read) and I have Josh Radnor’s tweets on alert. Once he even directly responded to me! To cut to the chase, I don’t know if most normal people know this, but Josh Radnor has a band. Yes, you heard me correctly. He and a pal write three to four minute songs with titles like “It’s Yours Once You Give it Away” and “Still Though We Should Dance”.

You know when that kid from your high school tries to become a SoundCloud rapper and you’re like, haha, thank goodness we weren’t friends and thus I can’t be associated with him? This is like that, except you chose this. You chose to be grouped with the man who willingly made this video: Continue reading

I Hotboxed a Modular Unit So You Don’t Have To


Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 3.43.47 PM.png

me, saturday morning

Here at the Thrill, we love breaking the rules. Perhaps you read our feature on the library after dark. At least, you know that the ethos of this publication is rebellion, whether we like to accept it or not. I have never broken a rule in the name of the Thrill, but I know that accounts of my poor choices will always be welcomed here.

Today, my guys, this all changes. I am here to tell you the story of me breaking into a fenced in modular unit and hotboxing the shit out of one of its study rooms.

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10 o’clock list: What To Do With And About Your Weed For Break



We’re about to head out for a semester length period of time, and if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, can I put my weed in storage? I’ve been informed by those I’m sharing a storage unit with, no, I cannot. “Everything will smell like weed and that’s annoying blah blah blah something about having moral values.” I can’t fly it home, and I can’t ask my parent to drive it across state lines, and I’m unclear if I can single-handedly take on an eighth before the week is out. So, okay, cool, but what the hell do I do with my weed now?

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10 o’clock list: Kenyon Weed Strains

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Well, it’s that time of year again, folks. The day is here. 4/20 (or, as a math major might call it, one fifth). Whether you partake in marijuana or not, one cannot help but be impressed by the creative names of weed strains that are out there. While doing research for this post, the Thrill staff was blown away by the sheer artistry of it all. But we couldn’t help thinking: What if there were Kenyon-specific weed strains, particularly in pun form? On this holiest of holy days, we put a Kenyon twist on several tried and true classic strains. Continue reading

Overheard At Kenyon, Vol. Something

They tell you not to post your incriminating conversations online, but did you know the dumb shit you say isn’t safe around campus either? The Thrill is always listening.  Below, you’ll find a selection of our favorites from the past few weeks — as always, if you spot one of your own contributions in here, copyright-infringement subpoenas can be sent to

Flirtin’ Fiend in Wiggle Ground, shaking hips — “You want it!”

  • Unenthusiastic Guy, backing away — “I’m indifferent to it.”

Athletics/Diversity Enthusiast in LoGund — “So, the swim team won the NAACP championship?”

  • Surrounding friends, staring – *Silence*
  • Athletics/Diversity Enthusiast — “Shit. That’s not right, is it.” Continue reading