Weekend Drink: Long Island Iced Tea to Help You Forget… The Simulation


Photo Courtesy of Long Island Medium

There is a glitch in the matrix. We go to a boarding school in a fake New England village oasis in the Midwest. Each year after the seniors graduate, they are replaced by freshman doppelgängers. There is no justice. There is no commencement speaker for the Class of 2020. Yet still, we go through the motions, day in and day out, hoping that maybe one day, Moxie culture will die and a Peirce Date will bring us eternal love. That’s why this weekend, The Thrill is prescribing the antidote to all your woes, a temporary escape from The Simulation.

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Weekend Drink: Keeping It All in the Family Bourbon Milk Punch


Double, double, McPoyle and trouble! Looking for a way to up your calcium intake and get frisky to ring in February? Well, search no further! Weekend Drink is back, and this week we are serving up a Bourbon Milk Punch that will get you to make out with your favorite cousin.

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Weekend Drink: Elixir of Life


This is not your grandfather’s hot toddy. This is the vitamin BOOSTED hot toddy that will rev up your immune system SO MUCH that you’ll be healthy all winter. And it will keep you warm. Because it’s so cold.

For four drinks, you will need:

  • whiskey (to taste)
  • one mug of freshly brewed chamomile tea
  • turmeric (anti-inflamatory, immune boosting)
  • one lemon (zest and juice) (for vitamin C)
  • one packet of Emergen-C (for an EXTRA boost)
  • honey
  • boiled water
  • cloves

Share with your closest loved ones to keep them healthy and strong.

Weekend Drink: Homestretch on the Beach


With the final days of the semester slowly trickling down into the single digits, it’s easy to lose sight of the fleeting moments that may pass you by. Amidst the panic of finals, bleak weather, and packing up if you’re going abroad– it’s important to take a moment to enjoy these final few moments of first semester. The only consistent cure to finals week blues is a special concoction designed to transport you to a place with warm sand, clear water, and endless Vitamin D. Drink your Homestretch on the Beach on your couch, in the library, or while you pack. This is best served as a punch, so share it with your housemates or even a perfect stranger slowly dying on third floor Olin.

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Weekend Drink: It Might Be A Weekday But It’s Election Night and Life Is Over

Well. Here we are. We knew we’d get here someday. It’s election day, and in a few short hours we will finally know who the next leader of the free world is. Since this is such a fun-loving carefree day for everyone, we at The Thrill thought we’d spice things up a bit with a festive Election Day themed drink! It’s super simple and easy to make, so you won’t be taken away from your play by play of the electoral college for even a second!


  1. the highest proof alcohol you can find. Doesn’t matter what kind. 120 proof and over is preferable but I’ve been informed there are “legal limits” or “lethal amounts” or something so that might be hard to find.
  2. Salty, salty tears from a human tear duct. If you can’t produce your own, store bought is fine.

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Weekend Drink: Andrew’s Halloween Spoopstravaganza



This post was guest authored by Andrew Perricone ’17.

Ok, so, Gracie (Ed. note: Potter ’17, what’s up y’all) asked me to guest-write (ghost-write?) a Weekend Drink for Halloween, and I wanted to make a cool exciting delicious spooky real-person drink, I really did. But comps happened and I forgot about this until today. So, let’s throw a bunch of Halloween-themed shit together and call it a cocktail, ok? Ok. Co-credit goes to Sam Larson ’17 for offering some of the more… unusual ingredients.


  • a handful of candy corn
  • a pint of apple cider
  • “you know that smell from inside a box of old costumes? that latex must?”
  • some hay
  • MOONshine
  • “you know how when you breathe through a latex mask and there’s just that moistness? like you just sweat into your mouth?”
  • the bad candy (smarties, gum, those weird strawberry hard candies)
  • clowns!
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