Weekend Playlist: Finals and Holiday Season

(Via Vevo) Justin knows.

(Via Vevo) Justin knows.

It’s that crazy time of year, folks. The halls are decked with flashcards and free bookstore coffee, and the only snow you’re seeing is ripped up essays flowing from the ceiling of Olin. Are you crying into your Peppermint Mocha because you miss the days when December meant getting free candy canes and making snowflakes in Elementary School? Are you at the point of stressed where you don’t feel stressed but simply feel angry at school? Take a break and listen to some exam and holiday inspired tunes to get into the spirit of finals!

Last Christmas – Wham!

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Weekend Playlist: Week(e)nds


The sweet refuge of existence, the delightful eye, bleary with sleep, of a dreary, five-day-long hurricane, the romance of our days. Whether you spend your nights huddled in the loving, forgiving glow of Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp or imbibing the ambrosia of the collegiate soiree, THE WEEKEND IS HERE, YOU GUYS.

And so is The Weeknd.

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Weekend Playlist: Songs People Sometimes Maybe Listened To This Summer

Were any of these songs a soundtrack to your “Summer Lovin'”? Credit: images4.fanpop.com

I get it. You were busy this summer with work, your internship, your significant other, studying for the GRE/LSAT/MCAT, etc., and it can be hard to keep up with all the new music constantly coming out. To make sure you don’t seem like a total hermit, acquaint yourself with a few songs that came out over the summer and were liked by some people. Included are both pop hits and indie cuts, so you can seem “with it” without being a “hipster”.

This song from The Weeknd is a fun little hip-hop/R&B dance track off the recently released Beauty Behind the Madness that’s perfect for a pregame or a party.

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Weekend Playlist: Goodbye Summer Party

Time for the weekend!

Two days of classes are exhausting.  By now you might be blissfully thinking back to last weekend when it was still summer you were chilling with your summer crew with Mike’s Hard as you made s’mores. But whether you like it or not, summer is officially over and school has begun. The first weekend is finally here, so it’s time to cheer to the start of a great year and good times. Here are some tunes to get your first weekend started right!

Cheers (Drink To That)- Rihanna

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