The Monday Catchup 9/7/20

One week of classes down and our school hasn’t made national headlines yet! Huzzah. Personally, I’ve had a very fulfilling, very normal, very adequate first week of my senior year. What better way to commence the final stage of my 16 years of education than in bed without real pants on? I love academia.

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Welcome Back, Friends!


This is still a really good topical reference, right?

Well, it’s a brand-new semester, and all of us at the Thrill will be working harder than ever to bring you the hard-hitting news you’ve come to expect. I’ll be taking over for the illustrious Spencer Kaye and Leslie Martin, both ’14, who will slide gracefully as one into the mostly made-up position of “editor emeritus” — and we’ll be seeking new writing talent soon, so, aspiring bloggerz, keep an eye out for that application. In the meantime, thanks for reading! We like you very much.