A Rundown of Today’s Public Forum in Response to “The Good Samaritan”

Today, on Thursday February 1st, students, faculty, and members of the Kenyon community gathered in the Bolton theater to participate in a forum regarding the concerning nature of the former spring mainstage The Good Samaritan. Wendy MacLeod ‘81, both a professor of Drama and Playwright-in-Residence, wrote and then released the script to the Kenyon community in hopes of gathering feedback for the spring production. Since Professor Macleod’s student-wide email with the script, the campus has engaged in conversations about the racist and harmful themes throughout the play. We at The Thrill have already published two messages to the campus, from both students and faculty. We encourage you to read them both.

Professor Macleod initially released the script to the campus in order to engage in a dialogue between the community and herself. Over the course of the week, in reaction to rising demand to cancel the spring production, President Decatur released a statement encouraging discourse, protecting the spirit of academic freedom, and offering a slight change in events. Professor Macleod would no longer field questions and comments herself, but instead sit on a panel with relevant members of the campus community. President Decatur named Associate Provost Jeff Bowman as the moderator, and he invited Ivonne Garcia (Associate Provost and founding faculty of the Latin@ studies concentration), Balinda Craig-Quijada (Professor of Dance and chair of the Drama, Dance, and Film department), and Jonathan Tazewell (Professor of Drama) to sit on a panel with Professor Macleod.

However, on January 31st at 5:05 pm, Professor Macleod released a statement to the entire campus community, stating that she would be withdrawing the play and cancel the spring Bolton show. While never explicitly apologizing for the discomfort and harm her script caused for many, she did state she would no longer attend the panel– citing a hope “that the community can get to issues larger than a single play.” Many students (and faculty), including the writing and editing staff at The Thrill, found the lack of accountability both frustrating and disappointing.

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Community Responses to Wendy MacLeod’s “The Good Samaritan”

Prior to the cancellation of Wendy Macleod’s new play, “The Good Samaritan,” The Thrill reached out to Kenyon community members to see if they had any comments on play. Though the play has been cancelled, we believe that the statements we received are still worth sharing. We still encourage students come to the event tomorrow at 11:10 a.m. in the Hill Theater, which will now center on the issues raised by the script.

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BREAKING: Wendy MacLeod Withdraws “The Good Samaritan”

Today at 5:17 p.m. in an email sent to students and faculty,  Professor of Drama and Playwright-in-Residence Wendy MacLeod announced that she will be withdrawing her play “The Good Samaritan” and cancelling the spring show in the Bolton. The Common Hour discussion of the play and related issues will still take place, but MacLeod will not be in attendance. Continue reading

Wendy MacLeod is Huge in Utah

Wendy MacLeod (kenyon.edu)

Playwright-in-Residence and Professor of Drama Wendy MacLeod is making her Big Apple Salt Lake debut next month! Her play Find and Sign will have its world premiere at Salt Lake City’s Pioneer Theatre Company on Jan. 13 and will run through Jan. 28. The play is “a funny, touching and compelling romance,” and while it may not be premiering in New York, it is “set in the New York City music industry,” and the plot “takes us through the bumpy romance between an on-the-rise young record executive and an idealistic public school teacher.”

A Kenyon alumna, MacLeod is a graduate of the Yale School of Drama, and she is most well known for her play The House of Yes, which has been performed around the world and was adapted as a Sundance-award-winning film starring Parker Posey.

Next semester doesn’t begin until Monday the 16th, so you’ve got plenty of time to drop by the Crossroads of the West to see an early performance. More information and instructions for obtaining tickets are available on the Pioneer Theatre Company’s website.