Wet Kenyon: Lower Lewis


The Versacooler Ii W/ Sports Bottle Filler in all her glory

Greetings, fellow water drinkers.

While Kenyon College has always been a hallowed ground where scholars flock to critically discuss the theories of the times, one question in particular has caused great philosophical torment for generations of Kenyon minds, from Philander Chase to Rutherford B. Hayes to mainly just me.

Where is Kenyon’s best water fountain?”

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Electrocute Your Mothers! A One Week Retrospective

“What is done for fun can be fatal, and feel forever sad.” –A Friend’s Mother

What is Done For Fun

Hello everyone it is I, the Party Goblin. I’m the guy who most recently tricked too many people into believing that Sean Decatur was going to retire after I wrote a late April Fool’s post in which he was replaced by a raccoon. That of course was the endgame of a raccoon-led coup bent on spreading rodent rule across the campus. I didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before.

I’ve discovered through my time at The Thrill that I don’t actually need to come up with ideas. Instead I just make jokes to my Editor-in-Chief Erica Christie, and she comes back and tells me that’s what I’m doing. That’s how I ended up staying for two hours–as long as I possibly could have–at Shock Your Mom, Kenyon’s most naked and clammy party.

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Eat Like You Mean It: The Coshocton Challenge, and The Hero’s Journey



Supersize Me, Daddy

I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey. When I first heard about The Coshocton Challenge, an endeavor many on The Thrill brought up, but never seriously attempted, I knew that it would have to be my first post. So after Editor-in-Chief Erica Christie brought it up, I peer pressured her into joining me on the first (and hopefully only) attempt of the Coshocton Challenge. The Challenge itself? To eat something substantial (no drinks) from every single fast food restaurant on Coshocton Road. This meant: Subway, Dairy Queen, McDonald’s, Arby’s, Taco Bell, Hardee’s, Tim Horton’s, Wendy’s, Long John Silver’s, Papa John’s, and Chipotle. If you vomit, or stop, you lose. We were to be joined by my roommate and personal Thrill webboi Michael Lahanas, as well as Brady Furlich and Jeffrey Searls, who really wanted to watch. Whether it could be done, whether the human body could sustain that amount of sodium and grease, Erica and I were about to find out. Because we will do anything for content.

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