10 o’clock list: Could It Be Worse? Alternate Paving Materials for Middle Path

Not as fun as it looks. Via Wikimedia commons and Kenyon.edu

Not as fun as it looks.
Via Wikimedia commons and Kenyon.edu

I’m going to be real with you: as lovely and scenic as it is, Middle Path doesn’t completely do it for me. I have no objections to its central location or associated seasonal foliage, but the gravel leaves a few things to be desired, particularly the desires for a paving surface that does not become an icy deathtrap in the winter, or an unnavigable muddy quagmire in rain, or that doesn’t ruin every pair of shoes I own. I did my best to analyze my biases and see it from the other side. Here is a list of Middle Path paving materials that could be worse: Continue reading

Sheriff Urges Vigilance After String of Incidents

This post was written by Collegian opinions and photo editor Henri Gendreau ’16. This story will continued to be updated on The Thrill and in next week’s Collegian.

A rash of car break-ins hit the Gambier area between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning of this week, resulting in at least one stolen vehicle, vandalism and other stolen goods.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) issued a special alert for the Gambier area via its Facebook page Wednesday afternoon, advising citizens not to leave valuables in their vehicles, and to keep their cars locked.

But that was not enough to prevent Graduate School and Preprofessional Advisor Maureen Tobin’s car from being broken into.

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Hey, What Happened to this Sign?


Not another one! Looks like Gambier may have been rocked by another theft, albeit this one a little less serious than the instrument theft spree in Storer. Those poor floodlights are lighting up the space where their friend the Gambier Grill sign used to hang, but as of last night it had mysteriously disappeared. There’s hope, though: maybe the Grill’s owners finally decided to go back to the old (and more loved) name, The Cove, and are preparing a new sign.

After the jump, a photo of the sign in happier (and snowier) times.

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What the flying fish is going on with [student-info] right now?

Screenshot courtesy of Lili Martinez

In probably the greatest listserv intrigue since the Gamelan Gong Investigation of 2011, it appears as though someone has found a way to 1) get past the student-info vetting system and 2) reply back to the list, thus emailing everyone on campus.

Right now, the conversation is mostly related to sea creatures, but we imagine that soon enough the sea creatures will respond with information about their upcoming guest lecturer.

Columbus Peanut Shoppe Site of Ye Olde Knifepointe Assault

The delicious scene of the crime. (Google Streetview)

10TV — Central Ohio’s News Leader! — reports that a female employee of The Peanut Shoppe, located on High Street in downtown Columbus, was held at knifepoint on Friday afternoon. A large man in his mid-30s allegedly entered the store and asked the employee about the Shoppe’s many varieties of delicious peanut candy, then pulled a knife on her and may have been trying to force her into a back room. The man fled when a customer entered and the employee called for help.

The real story here, of course, is that apparently Columbus has an entire store devoted entirely to peanuts and various peanut-related products. Look for The Thrill to publish a full report on this delicious new development as soon as we get a chance to check it out.