What The Heck Is Sendoff?


what the heck are they so excited about? via kenyon.edu

What is Sendoff? I wish I knew. I asked my French AT (“Qu’est-ce que c’est Sendoff?”) one day and, like the Literal Angel she is, she made a valiant attempt to explain the beloved event in words that my one-semester-into-learning-a-language brain could handle. I caught small part of what she was saying, such as the fact that people dance and drink (“Tu bois et tu danses”), but I’m still pretty clueless as to what this thing is all about. Why didn’t I ask her to explain it in English? Well you see, I love a challenge, and at the time didn’t realize that there were intricacies involved in Sendoff that can’t be explained with one semester’s worth of French vocabulary.

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