10 o’clock list: Inappropriate Times to Play “Wagon Wheel”

Our favorite song! (via Hansen Wheel and Wagon Shop)

Ah, “Wagon Wheel,” how first-years love thee. You never fail to disappoint as you close down the Bullseye, what with jolly debauchery winding down for yet another night of what can only be described as “amazing, awesome, and yeah mom the parties at college are pretty fun.” But if we leave “Wagon Wheel” for parties only, we miss out on some awesome opportunities for making new memories. Here are some suggestions for new times to play this awesome diddy.

  1. Finishing your last midterm. Okay, yeah, we get it – midterms suck and finally being able to call yourself “done” with them is a fantastic feeling. But maybe you should save the celebration for when you’ve left the classroom, because hi-jacking your professor’s computer to blast “Wagon Wheel” isn’t exactly the pinnacle of tact.

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