Where Was It Said: Family Weekend or In Bed?

It’s the one weekend when Kenyon gaslights parents into believing they’re sending their children to an Autumnal Utopia. Kenyon pulls out all the tricks: the Deli is open on Sunday, the Chilitos margs are flowing, and every public forum is jam packed with white kids singing a cappella. But on this small campus, Family Weekend is hard to escape, and there’s one question we have to ask ourselves: where was it said? Family Weekend or in bed?

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Where Was It Said: Sendoff or In Bed

IMG_2537.jpegAh, here we are again. Friday’s Summer Sendoff was huge a success! Sun, then rain, then sun, foodtrucks, a photobooth in a car or something, a delectable AVI feast, Pete Davidson’s absence, and pretending not to be cold. The best it gets at Kenyon :). But as the weekend fades from our hazy memories, we forget: where was it said, Sendoff, or in bed?

  • His pickle is literally dripping with grease!
  • I was wet for a second… but now I’m dry.
  • That guy was screaming Whitney’s name the whole time.
  • It seems like most of the DPHIs have access to Hanna’s entrance.
  • Is it just me, or was that performance pretty weak?
  • Now that I’m South, I’m staying South.
  • AVI really came through with the ‘cream.
  • I saw a drunk DKE ram into Leonard’s back door. Ouch!
  • Honestly, Whitney really bangs.

Where was it said: The Kokes Concert or in Bed?


Nothing gets Kenyon going quite like a Kokosingers performance. In fact, nothing gets the Kokes going quite like a Kokosingers performance. With a tag line like “Kenyon’s oldest, premiere, all-male acapella group,” we expect nothing less than perfection. They serve it up, and amidst all the music things get a little saucy on stage. So put on your blazers, warm up your vocal cords, and snap your fingers to see if you can figure out: Where was it said, The Kokes Concert or in Bed?

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Where Was It Said: Under the Upside Down Tree or in Bed?

“Damn that’s an ugly picture of it” Via Twitter

Oh the Upside Down Tree, where many a freaky romance was born and lots of poems have been hung. If you ask me, that tree’s pretty scraggly, and I’m sure that there’s a million bugs under there. So I’ve never been under it. But other people have, and I’ve heard them say a lot of freaky shit. Can you tell where it was said? Under the Upside Down Tree? Or in bed?  Continue reading

Where Was It Said: Orientation or in Bed?


this is what you get when you google “orientation”

Ah Orientation…long, belabored, and sticky–one of the most awkward weeks of our college careers. Let the record show that orientation is in no way…sexy. But still, we’ve noticed some shockingly coincidental euphemisms littered throughout conversations these past few weeks. That’s right….we’re bringing back one of our favorite games: where was it said– orientation or in bed? Continue reading