Places that maybe you haven’t heard of: Murnen House



Ok, so you probably actually have heard of Murnen House. But in case you haven’t, you’re looking at the single sketchiest, most dilapidated building owned by the college. Located behind the KAC and formerly home to the Bike Co-Op, Murnen is now…uh…maintained by the film department, who use it as a set for student films.

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10 o’clock list: Condescending Kenyon Questions Never to Ask

Willy Wonka, perhaps the king of condescension.

Everyone’s a little judgmental. It’s just a fact. And we can all be a little condescending. But, since no one likes to be patronized, we should all probably learn to shut the heck up sometimes. There are just some loaded questions that I hear on a distressingly regular basis, filled with judging tone and often followed by a backhanded compliment to offset the hostility inevitable in the response. Here are the questions that you should (pretty please) not ask anyone ever:

  1. “Oh, you go to the KAC? I didn’t realize you worked out.” First of all, walking to class is totally a workout. Living on the 3rd floor of any building is a workout (unless it’s Caples, let’s be honest here). Navigating the servery is also a workout. Sort of. So just because we don’t all frequent the KAC doesn’t mean we’re lazy. Questions like this make me want to go sweat on your cardio machine and not wipe it down after. Continue reading