Wiggin Street Coffee to release new light roasts!

Wiggin Street Coffee to release new light roasts!

They’re here! Wiggin Street’s new line of light roasts was released this past week, and they’ve been a hit on campusspecifically, a smashing and much needed hit to this campus’s overblown ego! Whether you’re a coffee person or something other than carbon-based, there’s a new Wiggin’s light roast for everybody. The baristas customize each one! Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. “Plain latte! Decafe to match your personality: all aesthetic no substance!”
  2. “I recreated your male pattern baldness in the cappuccino art”
  3. “Please take a shower.”
  4. “I know you asked for it iced, but you’re already frigid as hell.”
  5. “You asked for tea, so I spit in this cup a few times and stirred it around with my thumb—which has been up my butt—because that’s basically the same thing as Earl Gray.”
  6. “Just take your pumpkin spice, clogs, and white feminism and leave.”
  7. “Mudslide latte. Speaking of which, for the love of god flush after you’re done with the bathroom. And eat a damn banana every once and a while.”

Costs a Latte: The Most Expensive Coffee in Gambier

So last year, there was this article, which showed that a woman broke the record for most expensive Starbucks latte. The cost totaled at $57 post loyalty card (it was $60.58 initially, which is BEYOND obscene).

As a hardcore investigative reporter I thought, Hey what’s the most expensive drink we could make at Wiggin Street Coffee? I reached out to Alicia Wright ’16, an employee at our beloved coffee shop, for answers. AND DID SHE DELIVER. Not only did she give me the answers I needed, SHE MADE IT FOR ME FOR FREE. Continue reading

Where Was It Said: Wiggleground or in Bed?


Sometimes you’ll be looking for a little pick-me up and find yourself in the wonderful establishment known as Wiggin Street Coffee. You’ll sit down and sip your beverage. Maybe you’ll catch up with a cohort or do the reading that was due last week. More often than not, people will partake in conversation, and when you think about it hard enough their words sound a lot like phrases exchanged in the bedroom.

Fair warning: When I was 13, I had an awful and immature sense of humor just like the rest of my peers. Somehow they all grew out of the hilarity of sex jokes, and I just kept making them–so, sorry in advance.

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Wiggle Ground Etiquette

(via kenyon.edu)

LOOK. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I’m preeettty pathetic, and I am at Wiggle Ground preeettty much always. As I write this, I’m on the couches inhaling one half of a sun dried tomato bagel with herb cream cheese, and as you read this, I’m probably eating the other. As far as Wiggle Ground culture goes, I’ve seen it all. And I think it’s time we lay down some ground rules.

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