The Thrill: We’re Kind of a Big Deal

wikipedia-logo-Not that we ever like to brag, but we’re totally on Decatur’s Wikipedia page. And bonus: we didn’t even put ourselves on it.

Finally, the Internet fame we've always deserved.

Finally, the Internet fame we’ve always deserved.

For those who weren’t paying attention or currently have the misfortune of being a first-year, last year we conducted a highly scientific bracket where we had you, the student body, vote for your nickname of choice for President Decatur. D-Cat was the result, thus installing us, The Thrill on Wikipedia until the end of time. Or until someone edits the article.

D-Cat’s Adventures on Wikipedia

Should be listed on Wikipedia page: Most photogenic President of Kenyon College (via

March 18, 2013: Sean Decatur was announced as Georgia Nugent’s replacement as President of Kenyon College. And though I’m sure that you were riveted by the Thrill’s breaking news coverage, I’m also pretty sure that your first action was to check Wikipedia to see the accomplishments of our newest President.

Yet, no Wikipedia article existed. In a long line of esteemed Kenyon Presidents, it seemed as if Decatur was the only one without a page on the Internet’s most abused resource. But that was then—this is now.

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