WE CALLED IT: Halloween Costume Contest 2020 RESULTS!!!

Now that that OTHER contest everyone was focused on this week has finally been called, we can proudly announce the results of our annual costume contest!

Congrats to all of our contestants. You kept the spirit alive. You may not request a recount.

CONTESTANTS (in no particular order):

Ava Gruskoff ’23 and Sam Hafetz ’23: Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile on the cover of collaborative album Lota Sea Lice

Griffin Crump ’24: Plague Doctor

Donny Long ’23: The Dude from Big Lebowski

Dannie Lane ’22: Soybean STALK-er

Sklyer Lesser-Roy ’22: Cam Jensen, child detective

Margaux Harrington ’24 and Kit Ross ’24: Robin Sparkles and Robin Daggers

Caleb Newman, Ruby Rosenfeld, Yana Honcharuk, Lauren Childs, Maddie Friday, and Jack McClellan, all ’24: The Scooby Gang, with The Mystery Machine (Caleb), Velma (Ruby), Daphne (Yana), Fred (Lauren), Shaggy (Maddie), and Scooby Doo (Jack)



Our winner will recieve a whopping $25 gift card to the Kenyon Bookstore, reedemable in person or online! Congratulations!!!

And finally, a costumes from our Editorial Staff, who were ineligible for the contest but still wanted to show off their looks.

Ellie Melick ’21 and Alum: Jeff Winger and Britta Perry as Ricky Nightshade, Rock ‘n Roll Magician, and Female Assistant