Do it tonight: Winter Blues Concert

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You may have read one of the many AllStus sent about pie in the last week. Well, the night is here my friends. To lift you out of those mid-winter doldrums, the Peer Counselors are hosting a Winter Blues Concert tonight from 9PM to midnight in Peirce Pub. There will be performances by Howard Sacks, David Suggs, The Blue Crab Vestibule, A Sassy Nation, and others. Come watch your peers and professors perform (and potentially embarrass themselves) while you sit back and munch on some Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie from Peggy Sue’s.

What: Winter Blues Concert with pie and performances by people you may know.

Where: Peirce Pub.

When: 9PM – midnight.

10 o’clock list: 5 Reasons Summer is the Worst, Too

Thank you, Internet, for this very apt image.

Thank you, Internet, for this highly apt image.

As my esteemed colleague, Dr. Kate Lindsay MD, pointed out last night, we’ve been a bummer lately. To be fair, though, so has everything in the universe, mostly because of this ugly January we’ve had: after two fleeting days of warmth, it’s cold again and everyone’s mad about it. [We’re basically just a weather blog now.] As you cough and complain over the next few days, remember: summer can be as bad as winter, in its own way. If you’re a raging pessimist like me, this outlook may actually cheer you up: as the great Liz Lemon sayeth, sometimes everything is just the worst, Kenneth. And maybe that’s okay.

1.     Shorts. Remember those last sun-soaked afternoons of spring semester, when you would sidle up to your professor after class to talk about the final, trying to radiate poise and intellectual curiosity while yanking a small, sweaty strip of denim out from around your genital area? Good times.

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