Overheard: First Week Back

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Welcome back, clowns! We’ve somehow made it through the first couple of days after break—I’m still blaming all of the chaos on the loss of our fourth week—and now it’s time to slog through winter and hope for another polar vortex. Plenty of things on campus are different but one thing will never change: The Thrill is always listening. We heard you with our sweet baby ears and know what you did last night. It’s Overheard!

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Winter Break Sports Roundup


Sidney Cera ’17 of the women’s basketball team. Photo courtesy of Martin Fuller

You may have been taking a break, but sports never stop. The basketball players got their heads back in the game right after the holidays, playing some nationally ranked NCAC rivals. The swimmers traveled down south to train in Sarasota, Florida. And two runners participated in two different meets to start the year off on the right foot. Here’s what happened:

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Winter Break Sign Off: It’s been real

Kenyon will, hopefully, look this pretty when you return.

Kenyon will, hopefully, look this pretty when you return.

Dear Thrill seekers,

Hey, it’s us, the Editors of the Thrill (Spencer Kaye ’14 and Leslie Martin ’14, if you didn’t know. Not David McCabe ’14 or Sam Colt ’14 if you were confused like some people). We’d like to thank you for spending this semester with us as we move into second semester. Thank you for sticking with us at our best, and dealing with us at our worst. It has definitely been a wild trip.

We would also like to take this time to welcome our slightly modified staff going into next semester. We will be stepping down as Editors-in-Chief and making way for Emma Specter ’15 as our next editor. Emma has previously served as both Editor-in-Chief and a daily editor of the Thrill. We would also like to welcome the promotion of Claire Berman ’16 to Executive Editor of the Thrill. We are now clocking in at two and half years of serving this campus and are looking forward to seeing where it goes next. We know that we are leaving the blog in good hands.

As always, thanks for reading. And thanks for providing us with such great material for the past two and half years.

Safe travels and happy holidays, from our weirdos to yours.


Spencer & Leslie

Predicting the First Years’ Winter Break Transformation

Toca Boca Hair Salon 2,  a favorite game.

We’ve already covered the Thanksgiving break transformation, but now final week is coming to an end and the winter break metamorphosis is inching ever closer. To recap, by this point the first years know what kind of glasses Kenyon students wear, have figured out which backpacks are hip to carry and have dumped their high school significant others for senior, ahem, greener pastures. First years may be romantic fair game, but they haven’t quite gotten the chance to go shopping for the clothing they now know will catapult them to social success. Going home for three weeks will change this. A cool curly hair salon is hard to come by in Gambier!

I have willed our Former Glorious Leader and Blog Founder to assist me in predicting what our darling little butterflies will look like after three weeks home  with endless hours in which to refine their personal style and wallow in self doubt. Make believe before and after pics below the jump.

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Do’s and Don’t’s of Carpooling with Strangers

Do not ask to stop here. (But if you're curious, this is in Ft. Wayne, Indiana next to Chipotle.)

Do not ask to stop here. (But if you’re curious, this is in Ft. Wayne, Indiana next to Chipotle.)

The semester is about to come to a close and most Kenyon students will be headed home for the holidays. Unfortunately, not everyone has a car on campus. Every time a break rolls around, I find myself in the same position: my parents tell me that I should drive home. This is justifiable, as Chicago is only 6 hours away,  but I do not have a car here and they rarely can take off work to pick me up. So, for every break I end up getting a ride with a group of people I have never met before. If you happen to find yourself in the same situation, here’s a list of Dos and Don’ts for driving home with a group of strangers.  Continue reading