If Winter Olympic Sports were Kenyon Students


Snowboarding enters Pierce, walking on the seal like they always do. The just came out of their 9:40 class where they made wildly outrageous comments, using the right words but always producing an incoherent conclusion. Snowboarding is the type of kid that doesn’t use shower shoes but does own a blow dryer. They’ve been known to fuck up royally, time and time again, but their friends forgive them and like to tell the story of that one time, freshman year, when Snowboarding did an air-to-fakie-mclovin-ollie-nickolas-cage-switch-flip-shaun-white-bring-back-your-long-hair-1080 out of the bullseye window.

Snowboarding settles down on old side with a Peirce Cup full of whole milk.

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Weekend Sports Roundup

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It’s December, which means it’s officially time for winter sports. Our teams were off for most of last week like the rest of us, but here are the results from the week before to get you caught up.

Also, a huge shout-out to Men’s Soccer. They finished their stunning season on November 23rd, when they fell to the OWU’s Battling Bishops in the Sweet Sixteen round of the NCAA championships. The Lords had 18 wins this season, which ties their win record set in 1996 and is the most wins they’ve ever earned under current Head Coach Chris Brown. Congratulations!

November 18

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Weekend Sports Roundup


Ikenna Nwadibia ’14. Courtesy of Kenyon Athletics.

It was a busy Saturday for Kenyon sports: the KAC became a campground with Indoor Track’s Kenyon College Classic, the swimmers traveled to Canton, Ohio for the NCAC Championships, Men’s Lacrosse and Women’s Tennis returned for their spring seasons, and both basketball teams secured wins to take them into the NCAC tournament. Check out the results below! Continue reading