Things to Look Forward to in the Winter

Sean Decatur desperately clutches on to his only source of warmth (via

Yeah, I get it – it was 50 degrees over the weekend and there hasn’t been snow on the ground for over a week. Whatever, dude. It’s still winter. Need I remind you of the doom and gloom that is the entirety of February? Nestled in between the excitement of the new semester and the freedom that comes with spring break, these next four weeks will likely be nothing short of a cloudy, monotonous mess. Devoid of anything worth doing, it might be hard to find a reason to roll out of bed in the morning. Luckily, I’ve got you covered. Here are some things to look forward to.

  • The cold embrace of death. The month will draw on for what seems like forever. In reality, it’s just your third hour on third floor Olin. What does the sun look like? Will winter ever end? We have no way of knowing – the only thing we know, the only absolute truth, is that someday our lives will end.

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Extreme Cold Prompts Kenyon to Provide Shuttle System [UPDATED]

Yep. Via buzzfeed.

[Update 10:40 a.m.]: The college just announced that Peirce Hall, Gund Commons computer lab, and the Library will be closing at midnight on Thursday. The KAC will operate normally today, but will not reopen until 8 a.m. Friday morning.

For the second time in two years, extreme cold has prompted the college to offer a shuttle system to help students safely move about campus. While hordes of normal schools cancelled classes on Thursday, Kenyon has rolled out a philosophy of asceticism and has begun experimenting with the freezing point of human flesh. If your disgruntled and very chilly self does happen to make it beyond two steps of your dorm today or tomorrow, here’s the shuttle schedule:  Continue reading

10 o’clock list: 5 Kenyon Kocktails You Just GOTTA Try Today

"Listen, man! I'm not going to jail for you, or ENYBODY." (via

Listen, man! I’m not going to jail for you, or AINYBODY! (via

We’re more than halfway through the school year, and chances are that you’re getting pretty tired of your usual beverage selection, whether it be your standard Wiggins order, your usual post-KAC smoothie of choice, or that cup of half-beer-half-foam you and your three best friends had to throw elbows for while waiting in line for 15 minutes at a registered party. But never fear, friends; I have just the thing to shake yourself free from that thick, crusty mantle of fatigue and self-loathing that inevitably seems to cover our bodies every year, come mid-February.

Your prayers have been answered in liquid form, through the list of Kenyon Kocktails chronicled below. 50% recipe, 50% experiential-emotional scavenger hunt, and 100% time-sensitive, these drinks are all exclusive to and evocative of life on the Hill right now, so go ahead and enjoy these seasonal specialties while you can!

1. The Middle Path Mudslide. Even more fun/dangerous than adding caffeine and chocolate to hard liquor, this drink is exactly what it sounds like. Equal parts wet dirt, slush, and feelings of regret for placing fashion over function when choosing your winter boots, this drink can easily be taken to the next level with just a dash of split blood, paired with an overwhelming sense of schadenfreude as you watch someone go down HARD in front of Gund Gallery. And if you’re still looking for more, a garnish can easily be created by crushing up some shoe pebbles to put all around that rim-rim-rim-rim.

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10 o’clock list: Celebrity Tweets That Reflect Mid-Winter Sentiments

It’s late January, which means it’s only a matter of days until the dreaded month of February becomes a harsh reality. This might be my first winter in Gambier, but I’ve heard enough horror stories/cautionary tales from upperclass students to know that the snow I’ve seen and the ice I’ve slipped on is only just the beginning. And no matter how much of a winter-soul you may be, there is a point when the gray skies and bitterly cold wind gets to all of us and leaves behind roughly 1,600 heavy-hearted students. Here are some relevant tweets penned by some of our favorite famous faces to help keep us warm and distracted from the fact that January isn’t even over yet.

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10 o’clock list: The Easiest Places to Slip on Campus



We’re all back from winter break, and now it is peak tundra season. Everything is slippery. At this point just leaving your room is a risk to your safety, but here are some spots that are particularly dangerous.

  1. The hill to/from the KAC. My resolution to work out more than zero times a week has given me plenty of opportunities to have multiple brushes with my demise. The hill to the KAC, whether you’re walking up or down, should be treated with respect and fear.
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