10 o’ clock List: Unsolicited advice from your mother, or unsolicited advice you give your mother?


Parents weekend is truly a time. A moment in time. A collection of moments in time which we call collectively a weekend. What a nice invention that humans made. They made the week and then they said, heck, we have this dangling clump of time like a juicy juicy Golden Delicious and we gotta do something with it, heck, or else nothing will be done with it. Someone said we can call it the end! And everyone agreed that was a terrible idea. But because the guy who suggested that was just so very pathetic everyone decided to squish the week and the end together and call it a weekendWhat should we do with it? a voice rose from the crowd. In a peal of genius, somebody responded nothing. A wave of spearmint feeling fell over the universe.

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Weekend Playlist: Never Heard Before on WKCO 91.9


via NPR

Here’s a playlist of songs that have never, ever been played on a WKCO radio show by a girl wearing a Carhartt jacket. If Glossier Boy Brow was a song, it would be Your Dog by Soccer Mommy. All are these artists are very cool and alt, but also way too famous to play at the Horn on a Thursday. Blast this playlist out the window of your New Apt so all of your neighbors know that you’re a connoisseur of music by skinny twenty-somethings who dress like Kenyon students. Enjoy your weekend!

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The Best of WKCO Graffiti


Which one do you prefer? Sound off in the comments!

As a WKCO DJ, one of my favorite parts of the gig is to look at all of the graffiti that covers the sound booth while I listen to my show. DJs are allowed to write almost anything they want on the walls so over the years, the room has become covered in drawings, inside jokes, and philosophical ponderings. Because Farr Hall, the home of WKCO, is being torn down as part of the 2020 plan, I wanted to display some of my favorite graffiti from the WKCO booth. Enjoy, and don’t forget to tune in to WKCO 91.9 FM! Especially on Saturdays from 1-2 p.m. :).

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It Happened to Me: I got a Radio Show, and Now I’m a Tool

It Happened to Me: I got a Radio Show, and Now I’m a Tool

It all started this summer. I was at the gym  back home as part of my resolution to get “bikini body ready” to show all of my Kenyon comrades that I beat the crap out of the “freshman fifteen.” As I’m running on the elliptical and sweatin’ my little heart out, I receive a text from one of my good friends. She wants to start a radio show for our sophomore year. We spend the rest of the summer exchanging ideas, sharing articles, and watching podcasts to get inspired. This is what I need, I whisper, a wholesome sophomore year.

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10 o’clock list: Rejected WKCO Shows

Because you’ve always wanted to hear a story about yourself on the radio. (via aestheticamagazine.com)

Yeah, I went to one WKCO meeting. They’ve got a cool vibe, but apparently my ideas were a little too avant garde. Off the wall. Whatever man, I don’t care what the kids are listening to nowadays, I’ve got a real sound, and I’m sure these show ideas will be big someday.

1. Digging Through the Glove Compartment of Your Dad’s Toyota During Your Seven-Hour Road Trip to Kenyon. Another Best of Billy Joel CD? No, no, that’s fine. This one has Just The Way You Are. No, that wasn’t our daddy-daughter dance for my bat mitzvah. Yeah, I’m sure. Hey, is that the audio tape to 1776 by David McCullough? When did you listen to it? Huh, well, we could now. No, that wouldn’t be as interesting as the soundtrack to Oklahoma again. Let’s do that.

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