Kenyon Siblings: The Inciardis

img_6637-e1517966967492.jpgThis piece is the latest in a series on relationships between siblings who not only came out of the same womb but also came to live on the same campus. It’s Kenyon Siblings and this week I got to talk to Ana Inciardi ’19 and Alex Inciardi ’21 about singing, surprises, secret societies, sculptures and of course, being sisters.

Alex, why did you choose Kenyon and how did having Ana here influence your decision to come to Kenyon?

Alex: When I would come and visit her I would just be totally comfortable here. It was all just normal to be in Olin or Peirce with Ana’s friends. I came to visit four times in two years. The first time I saw the Owl Creek’s Concert I was like okay, yeah I should go here.

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