Working Out With the Women’s Rugby Team

We’re back with a new edition of Working Out With the Team, a newer feature that gives you a window into the strength/conditioning regimens of various sports teams. Learn from the pros and break free from your routine KAC monotony by trying something new with these intense, but effective, workouts.

This installment was authored by one of our new writers, Kenda Tucker ’18. 

During rugby season, most of our workouts come from the practice themselves. But since the bitter cold has rendered the pitch almost unusable, we get together every so often to do some winter workouts to keep us in shape. Here’s what we do to ensure that we’ll be ready come our spring season. Remember to stretch before and after every workout so your muscles can be safe!

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Working Out With the Baseball Team

Drop and give me 200. Source:

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a workout based on one used by the softball team. This week, I’ve put together a workout based on one of the several used by the baseball team. Specifically, this workout is designed for pitchers, so there is a big emphasis on the functional body strength, explosiveness, and rotational core strength needed to throw a baseball hard.

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Working Out With the Softball Team

Special Thanks to Sylvie Thomas ’17 for the softball workout information!

Get yourself big like Hans and Franz

Sometimes, working out at the KAC can be intimidating. There are so many different weights and machines, and seeing the more experienced lifters use heavy weights can leave you feeling lost and even a little scared. Thankfully, many student-athletes know their way around the KAC very well and have a good set of workouts on hand. Fear not, because today, we are featuring a workout based on what the Ladies of the Softball team usually do. It’s a nice workout, with a good mix of bodyweight and dumbbell/barbell weight exercises.

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10 o’clock list: Best Times to Go to the KAC

ok go

These days, when everyone is still in their “I’m going to follow my New Years Resolutions!” phase, the KAC is continually filled to the brim at its peak hours. The mere thought of going in the afternoon scares me. I went the other day around 3pm and watched incredulously as confrontations involving daunting amounts of non-verbal passive aggression went down over elliptical machines. It doesn’t have to be this way, and you can ensure your fun and safety by going at specific times, and using specific tactics.

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