Kenyon Cadavers: Worms on the Rugby Field

Kenyon's Rugby pitch - home to all the ruggers and a whole lot of worms.

Kenyon’s Rugby pitch – home to all the ruggers and a whole lot of worms.

In this post, we’ll be discussing gross stuff like worms and squishing worms and realizing that you just put your hand on a worm that you probably killed and like maybe  it had a future or kids or some kind of kin and a job that it really liked and so you’re 50% really existentially sad and 50% really grossed out so if either of those things don’t appeal to you, maybe it’d be best to skip out on this one.

If you left your room at all last week, you would have seen that it rained. A lot. And if you spent any amount of time examining the soggy earth during one of these rainstorms, or shortly after maybe you saw a worm or two wriggling its way out of the ground in an attempt not to drown. As cute and confusing as this thought is (are worms semi-aquatic? Why haven’t they evolved gills?) it’s really really gross when you realized you’ve stepped on one.

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Overheard at Kenyon: What If We Were All Worms?



With the warm weather these past couple days, we are losing our marbles as our brains slowly begin to melt. Even in these warm times, the Thrill is always listening, so be careful where your marbles roll. As always, feel free to claim a quote in the comments.

Unenlightened Writer: “I want to be pen pals with a prisoner on death row. I think it would be enlightening.”

A Kenyon Student: “If I don’t get a job, I’ll be going to Madagascar this summer.”

Professor: “We will start with lofty goals and then see what happens.”

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