Hey straight up this is the Sendoff artist, apparently

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Does anyone else remember the band Echosmith??




You will.


Echosmith playing for sendoff 2019, apparently.




The Best Bullet Journal!!!

The Best Bullet Journal!!!

SHE LIIIIIIIVVVESSS!!! And she is glorious!!! Behold, Kenyon College. I have created the most elegant, the most delicate, the most BEAUTIFUL bullet journal you have ever had the pleasure of feasting your eyes upon. Please enjoy. You will enjoy. This is the best bullet journal ever (remember to zoom in so you can see the small words).

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You Won’t Believe What’ll Happen if you Enter The Thrill’s Merch Contest!

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Do you like designing T-Shirts? Laptop decals? Water bottles? Adirondack chairs??? Then The Kenyon Thrill’s Merch Designing Contest is definitely for you! We are sending out this cry for help as loudly as we can! MERCH, MERCH, MERCH!!! But there’s something in it for you, too! I pinky promise …

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The Monday Catchup

Wassssup, welcome back! We’re chuggin’ right through this awkward period of time between breaks, but that doesn’t mean we have to tone it down. There were at least ten* formals this past weekend, making Friday, December 4th officially the dressiest night on campus. Also, there was Twista! Here’s what some people are sayin’…

I always want drama and excitement but now that it’s happened I’m just tired

I’m tired

Twista was a twista, as in a whirlwind

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Update: Pen Found, Campus Breathes a Collective Sigh of Relief


Last week, the campus was notified of a lost Levenger pen and a cash reward for its return. The news swept the ‘bier with a ferocity only true tragedy can inspire. We can officially announce that the pen was found. And while the sun continues to rise and set like before this incident, we, as journalists, wanted the full story behind the flyers that launched 1000 texts. We reached out to Alice Straus (’75), a member of our very own admissions team, for her perspective.

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