“Since When Is that Art?” Installation Art Up for the Week

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 4.02.11 PM

A map of the installation locations

Installation art has been one of the more controversial classes in Kenyon’s curriculum. Absent last year due to the sabbatical of the instructor (Claudia Esslinger), the course is back this fall, and I am lucky enough to be in it! We only have two installations the entire semester (which is TERRIFYING) and our first works of art are currently installed around campus! The theme of the assignment was “intervention.” Here’s a quick look at what the artists have to say about their work!

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March Madness Continues: Today Sets Record High Temperatures Across Midwest

(Via weather.com) This interactive map on weather.com indicates places that will break record temperatures and shows the old highs and dates they were recorded for those regions.

According to weather.com, today’s high of 81 degrees in Gambier beats the current record of 78 degrees. Just when might that temperature have been recorded? Exactly 91 years ago today, on March 20, 1921.

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