Kenyon Klexicon: X is for X(‘s on Your Hands)


Anonymous Bouncer, “The Scarlett Letter” 2013, ink on flesh. (via

Let me paint you a picture. The time: 11:27 p.m. The place: outside the forested entrance of The Ganter. You offer your hands to the guys working outside; they’re wielding Sharpies (weapon of choice for anyone working the door) with cool calculation. With only a glance at your K-Card and a couple of swipes of a marker, your under-21-ness has been made public for everyone to see and judge.

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xWhatever: Figuring out Phone Extensions

Just be glad we’ve moved on from this!

We’ve all seen it, “Contact The Registrar, call x5121” or “Call Helpline! x5700” But what do these mysterious Xs in front of the numbers mean? How come when I dial that number I get nothing? I thought my iPhone was supposed to make my life easier, damnit, Siri, SIRI! Woah! Calm down, don’t worry, we at The Thrill have got you covered on these mysterious things called “phone extensions.” Continue reading