Ode to Yak



As the snow descended from the heavens, and the scholarly aura intensified with classes began, Kenyon College as we know it was back in action.

Ever wanted to know what the Kenyon College student population thinks? As we all know, Kenyon College is notorious for our fire Yik Yak game. And with a new semester and new yaks, the creative juices got flowing. So while you’re sadly reentering Olin and accepting your sad, sad fate, take a quick study break and check out these beautiful Haikus compiled by yours truly with the help of the angsty, sad, and occasionally punny Kenyon College Yik Yak.

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Talking Back to Yaks

Remember Yik Yak? Didn’t think so. But we do. Oh boy do we remember the era of the Yak. While its time at Kenyon has definitely slowed down from an olympic sprint to a comfortable trot, that doesn’t mean there aren’t perfectly reasonable questions out in its sphere of existence. In this occasional feature, we’re stepping in and helping those lost souls.

Via dailydot.com

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Kenyon Mentioned in Times Yik Yak Article

According to a recent New York Times article titled “Who Spewed that Abuse? Anonymous Yik Yak isn’t Telling” (which can be read here), Kenyon is far from the only college that has faced hate speech on the anonymous app Yik Yak.

The Times piece mentions Kenyon’s problems with the app, specifically the Yak made about a proposed “gang bang” at the Crozier Center for Women, which was just one of many hateful and threatening Yaks directed at Crozier and Take Back the Night. This anonymous hate-speech generated a lot of anti-Yik Yak sentiment on campus, with articles about the issue appearing on the Thrill and in the Collegian; a reference to the Thrill piece was made in an article about the app on the Huffington Post in an article about why campuses should ban Yik Yak.

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10 o’clock list: Yaks Sadder Than Your Life


It’s been a rough weekend. I don’t think we ever really recovered from Friday the 13th, and let’s be real, unless you woke up in bed with the honey of your dreams, we all spent last night losing our minds and crying in the Farr bathroom about that kid you were introduced to in August and never realized we wanted to hook up with but suddenly this is just the right choice, you know? But have no fear, several people took to Yik Yak to reassure us that as much as our nights sucked, theirs sucked more.
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Adirondack-Chair-Arm-First-Year: The Birth, Impalement, and Legacy of a Yik Yak Legend

Let me make a couple of things clear first. I’m cautiously neutral towards Yik Yak in the general sense. Often, when people hold themselves and others accountable for content that stays up, Kenyon Yaks can be hilarious. I know that we are capable of maintaining it through intelligent downvoting and self-monitoring. I do acknowledge the problematic content it allows for though, and understand it is not an inherently innocent platform.

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