Adirondack-Chair-Arm-First-Year: The Birth, Impalement, and Legacy of a Yik Yak Legend

Let me make a couple of things clear first. I’m cautiously neutral towards Yik Yak in the general sense. Often, when people hold themselves and others accountable for content that stays up, Kenyon Yaks can be hilarious. I know that we are capable of maintaining it through intelligent downvoting and self-monitoring. I do acknowledge the problematic content it allows for though, and understand it is not an inherently innocent platform.

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From the Collegian Archives: In Defense of Gossip



Kenyon today is a small and insulated community, word travels fast and opinions, truths, falsehoods, and gossip can be heard from North to South. Recently, as many of you are I am sure aware, a new method of spreading gossip has appeared on campus in the form of Yik Yak, the popular, though controversial, anonymous message board. Gossip, though now spread so much more quickly through our phones and computers, has always been prevalent, even Kenyon. An opinion piece from the October 22, 1965 Collegian examines gossip as a source of news, and an intellectual concept, and gives opinion on gossip in Gambier. Read on to learn the reaction to gossip by your fellow Kenyonites. Continue reading

Kenyon Confession: Your Anonymity is Problematic


Let’s take a trip down memory lane. In my personal experience at Kenyon, anonymity, and I mean true, prevalent, lasting anonymity, got its footing in the comment section of The Thrill. This was a place where you could post almost whatever you wanted, and it would be seen, heard, and engaged with. It started as harmless. It’s perfectly within anyone’s right to say they don’t think one of our posts is funny, or that we’re not good writers. But I’ve watched these comments turn into repeated sexual harassment, to unfounded accusations against other students, groups, professors, and departments.

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Kenyon Students Sound-Off About Yik Yak

yik yak kenyon

Examples of Kenyon yaks

In the recent article “New app broadcasts Kenyon’s stream of consciousness“, the Kenyon Collegian reviewed the role of Yik Yak on Kenyon’s campus. The app acts as a “virtual bulletin board” where students can “yak” anonymously and see other users’ posts within a ten mile radius of where they are posting. The Collegian article gathered some student impressions of both the positive and negative implications of being able to post anonymously on such a small campus.

What exactly does Kenyon’s “stream of consciousness” say about us? The Thrill asked students to sound-off anonymously, as they would in the Yik Yak forum, in order to build on the impressions from the Collegian article :

  • YikYak is a hilarious app that needs to be taken lightly. When you start to take it seriously that’s when the fun goes away. Most of the “offensive” yaks were written by friends of the yak subject, so everyone chillax.”
  • I think the anonymity of Yik Yak inherently lends itself to cyber bullying. This anonymity encourages students to not take responsibility for their thoughts and ideas, or how those thoughts and ideas may affect other people.”

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