Catching Up With Win Dunham of Young Crooks

Since leaving us Kenyon folks for New Orleans, then Austin, Win Dunham has managed to churn out an impressive quantity of music.  In the past year and a half, we have seen a handful of killer singles, a short album (Terror Tablet) that included none of them, and an EP (Gutter-Grade) for those singles to find their rightful place among 4 other songs Win managed to record in the meantime.

But of course, if that didn’t satisfy your Win fix, there’s also purportedly a secret place on the internet awash with Young Crooks b-sides, demos, alternate takes, etc…because clearly the dude does nothing except write music.

We spoke with Win via Facebook chat and got some musings on his latest songs and stories, as well as what tunes he’s been bumping lately.  You can like Young Crooks on Facebook for continued updates on Win’s tunes, and make sure to catch the interview after the jump!

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