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Weekend Playlist: Holidaze

December 19, 2014

Is Christmas season totally your jam? Does it make you want to crawl into an igloo until it’s January and it’s silly that people still have trees inside their house?

Here are some tunes (or videos) for all holidays!

“Progressive Christmas Carols” by Paint

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Five Things I’ve NEVER Done on Weird Friday (and neither should you)

December 19, 2014


Oh sweet, gentle reader how the time has flown. You’re probably all done with finals. Oh you’re not? Well at least you’re close right? Of course you are. Doesn’t it feel wonderful? It feels wonderful to me.

Regardless of your remaining academic hurdles, Weird Friday is here already. That strange yet delicious day where you get to drink with your few remaining friends, stagger around a bit, and return home to hurriedly pack your bag and sleep poorly. I love Weird Friday, but it’s easy to get carried away and make things a little too weird. Here’s some advice for keeping yourself in check.

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The Truth About Your Favorite Holiday Movies

December 19, 2014


I enjoy most holiday movies, they are festive, overly dramatic, they make me nostalgic, and can generally be a pretty good time. However, another thing I enjoy, is taking my childhood memories and literature/movies from my childhood and re-interpreting them with the knowledge I have as an adult. Would I say I take a sick satisfaction in explaining logical fallacies, plot holes, and economic impossibilities to my friends, ruining their childhood memories? Read on if you want to hear my economic analysis of two classic Christmas movies.

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The First Semester Recap: How to Talk to Your Parents

December 18, 2014


It’s been real. It’s been fun. And I guess it’s been real fun. Now, the hard question, how do I explain all of this to my parents?

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In-coif-nito: When Professors No Longer Recognize the Post-Do You

December 17, 2014

Me too, Shailene. Me too.

Look, we’ve all changed a lot since our first year days. Tattoos, piercings, haircuts–you know, everything that your mom begs you to hide from Grandma–you’ve probably done. Usually the transition into Kenyon style is gradual–you know, you get a drug rug freshman year, you might start actually doing drugs sophomore year, you cut and dye your hair by junior year, and by senior year you’ve become the world’s most tattooed person. Something along those lines, right? Meh. Anyways, what if your evolution into Kenyon kool takes a rapid turn? What if professors stop recognizing you? What if you stop recognizing you? What if you stop recognizing your grandma? To be honest, you’re probably shit out of luck–but we might be able to help you out with the first bit about professors. Read on, brah.  Read more…

On Topic, Off Topic: Peirce Cups

December 17, 2014

“Where did all the cups go?” -Peirce

On Topic: Peirce only has 200 Peirce cups left.

Off Topic: Bring your damn Peirce cups back.

That is all. Happy Finals.

The Cove’s All-You-Can-Eat-Fish: A Mystery Unveiled Through Photographs

December 17, 2014


I know what you’re thinking, dear reader, it need not be said. I, too, have sat on my easy chair, legs extended onto the plump ottoman, and thought to myself, “I love Cove fish, but there’s never enough of it.” Let me tell you, there’s a way to get your fill. Oh yes there is.

My journey began three years ago. As a young pup with bright eyes and eager salivary glands, I was brought to Our Noble Grill by one of my elder fraternity brothers. We proceeded to eat a glut of rich, luscious spaghetti that would put your Nonna Lucia’s to shame (she does make a lovely agnolotti though. Admittedly, I’ve enjoyed many a Sunday afternoon in her home, savoring it). That day marked my introduction to the Cove specials, a veritable bounty of sumptuous value. That dainty Wednesday treat whetted my appetite. But after examining their offerings, the object of my affection shifted to the elusive Friday night Fish Fry. I finally satisfied my lust this past Friday. Come see what it held in store..

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