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College Announces Summer Construction Plans for Middle Path

March 2, 2015

A rendering of Middle Path post-renovation (via

In an email sent by the Office of Public Affairs this afternoon, the College has outlined the plans for Phase 2 of the Middle Path restoration project. According to the email, construction will begin May 26th and will last approximately 10 weeks. Read more…

Weekend Drink: Spring Break Storm

February 28, 2015

Ok, mom and dad? OK? Via

Spring break is upon us, and though it’s not set to break 30 degrees today, there’s no reason to delay a little spring-inspired boozing. Maybe you’ll drink yourself, not just a coat this time, but a whole new season. Who knows? If your glass is half full of this drink, you’ll be a bit more optimistic about the end of winter. Plus, you probably need to get rid of all that alcohol left in your fridge. Read more…

Where’s It At?

February 27, 2015

Lewis wouldn’t allow me to film him when he not longer was on company time (i.e. his vacation hours are unpaid.) But there’s nothing happening anyway so I don’t think it will be bad necessarily.

Have a nice Spring Break. When we come back, we’ll be launching a GoFundMe in order to buy a tripod for my cell phone so that the upcoming videos will be higher quality/higher vantage point, as the tripod I am trying to buy can extend up to six feet.

Weekend Playlist: Spring Breakers

February 27, 2015
Spring break forever!

Spring break forever!

It’s the American dream y’all. Spring Breaaak. NETFLIX AND BIG SWEATPANTS Y’ALL THAT’S WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT! Whether you’re going home or going on an adventure to another planet on your spaceship bed, it’s time to celebrate with the perfect movie Spring Breakers. So get your tanning oil, lay out by the pool, and stop acting ‘spicious!

Big Bank- Rick Ross, Pill, Meek Mill, Torch & French Montana 

For when you decide to go rob your pantry of all the Pop-Tarts. Just act like you’re in a movie or something.

Read more…

The Friday Ketchup

February 27, 2015


Hey, welcome to the Friday Ketchup, where the ketchup is always red and never blue, black, gold, or white. Because this is about ketchup, not dresses. That whole thing sure was a rush wasn’t it? Trying to figure out why a couple of llamas were wearing different color dresses? I haven’t been that excited about something in a long, long time. Too long, really. I find it hard to get excited about things these days. Anyways, here’s the Friday Ketchup. Read more…

Meet an SMA: Emily Sussman ’15

February 27, 2015

The Thrill spotlights a Sexual Misconduct Advisor regularly to raise awareness about the resources available to survivors of sexual assault. Remember, the SMAs are subordinate to the Counseling Center, so anything you tell them is kept confidential. They also have an anonymous hotline you can call if you need assistance: 740-358-1544. Stay safe this weekend, and know that there is always someone you can talk to if you need help.Today, we’re featuring Emily Sussman, a senior art history major from New York, NY/London, UK.



Cookie pie or giant cookie?
Tough choice! When I was a freshman, they had large slices of actual cookie pie, rather than the smaller individual ones we have now, and those were my favorite of ALL TIME. Even though they’re no longer the same, I would have to still give my allegiance to the Cookie pie. (However if the giant cookie in question were from Wiggle Ground I’d still be pretty excited.)

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10 o’clock list: 5 Things to Expect From Your Spring Break At Home

February 26, 2015

Let the vicarious living begin. (via

Ah, yes, it’s about that time. All of the key elements that are necessary to unlock before spring break can truly begin are all coming together — your January idealism has faded into a February acceptance as far as your failure to plan a trip with your friends. You’ve saved up enough assignments due on Friday to keep you busy on the plane/car ride home and, once again, you ran out of time to do your laundry, so your stale sheets and moldy towels will be pungent and ready to greet you upon your return to the Hill! Now that these are all kind of taken care of, you can sit back and enjoy your two weeks of asylum from the terrors of a liberal arts education. But first, here’s a forecast of some experiences that are likely to pop up during your time away–especially if you’re spending all of it at home:

1. Unsuccessful attempt to engage with the community. Whether it’s accompanying your mom to her weekly artisanal lightbulb making class at the town rec center or being forced to chat with the other adult supervisors at your little brother’s tumbling-themed birthday party, you’re gonna have at least a minimal amount of interaction with the locals, and most of it is probably gonna be cringeworthy. Might as well try to have fun with it, and possibly scrounge for some sort of social capital – I heard that they have summer job openings at the gymnastics place.

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