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Kenyon Is “Smoot”: A Convocation Recap

August 25, 2014
(via @DarrylUy)

(via @DarrylUy)

Daaaaaaaaaaaad, you’re embarrassing us! Despite the Smoot/Groot mix-up, President Decatur kicked off the 191st academic year warmly and thoughtfully, with words on Ferguson, Ebola and Tom Cruise.

Elizabeth Keeney, Jennifer Delahunty, Deborah Reeder, Dean Toutain, Joseph Klesner, Maddie Jacobs ’15, and Marc Bragin also gave words of wisdom that you can relive by watching the live stream.

And now, a series of photos of parents running to get pictures of their children in the procession:

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Preparing for Kenyon: How to Be a Person

August 22, 2014

As you get ready to come to Kenyon, you are probably thinking of all the things that you want to be in college. Whether you choose to join the marching band or the beekeepers’ club** the most important thing you can be at Kenyon is a person.

Here’s how:

1. Say hi: Once you meet/touch mouths with someone for the first time at Kenyon, you will see them everywhere on campus all the time. Say hi when you see them.

2. Don’t be a jerk, please: Notice how I used the word “please” in this one, which is another nice example of “being a person”.  Read more…

Preparing for Kenyon: Advice to Your Parents From Ours

August 21, 2014

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Although you might not realize it, sending a student off to college for the first time can be as difficult for your parents as it is for you. Parents of the Class of 2018, we gathered some Kenyon-specific advice from real parent veterans just for you. Whether we asked parents with a junior or a dad sending his third Kenyon student off to Gambier, we found some patterns in the advice:

Speedy Parent — “Drop them off and keep on going.”

Parent with the Right Idea — “Go to the VI, have a drink, and let your kids do their thing elsewhere”

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Preparing for Kenyon: People You Should Know

August 20, 2014


Your first few days at Kenyon will be filled with introductions to all sorts of people. Since we know how overwhelming that can be, we have highlighted a few College employees that we think are important to know during Orientation. Each of these people plays a key role in ensuring your transition to college life goes as smoothly as possible. (That is not to say that anyone not mentioned doesn’t play a role, just that these were the people we thought of while our brains were on vacation mode. We take blogging very seriously, as you can tell.)


  • Dean Toutain (aka Dean 2 Chainz [but not actually]), Dean of Students
  • Sean M. Decatur (aka D-Cat), President — We think his position is pretty clear. But if you are confused, you can ask him when you see him walking around campus. He, and his family, live in Cromwell Cottage (just north of Gund Gallery) and his office is in Ransom Hall, just across Middle Path from the Library.
  • Dean Ngai (aka Hoi Ning), Dean for Academic Advising and Support — She is around to help you if you are having any kind of academic problem, from choosing your major to deciding to drop a class. She also sends out Dean’s Lists every semester with tips on how to improve your academic performance.
  • Your Advisor — Your advisor will not necessarily be the same for all four years, but they will help you sign up for classes and get a feel for academics at Kenyon.

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Preparing for Kenyon: Answering Your Questions

August 19, 2014

Do I need a bike on campus? You don’t need one. For some people, they come in handy for getting around campus when it is warm out, but it is by no means necessary.

How strong is the presence of the Amish mafia in Gambier? They sell their homemade products on Middle Path on Saturday mornings. If that isn’t the Central Ohio version of “mafia”, then I don’t know what is.

Is there a way to get involved with the theaters on campus that doesn’t involve acting? I was on stage crew in high school and want to keep doing that for as long as possible. We’ll hand this one over to Lauren Katz ’15:

I have Stage Managed three shows – one with Brave Potato, one with Stagefemmes, and one that won the Horn Gallery grant sophomore year. There are definitely tons of opportunities for stage crew on campus and an interest in stage management could get [you] a spot with mainstage, as well as senior theses and student run theater groups on campus. My advice…is to keep [your] eyes open for information on auditions. These emails will come through Student Info, and typically in those emails there will be a notice about stage crew options.

I really like BDSM but do not know how to ask the question. I know that Harvard has a BDSM club does Kenyon have something similar that is either private or public? In the words of any great tour guide: If we don’t have one yet, we are sure you could start one, either public or private. Be sure to let us know.

What are the top 5 things a freshman should NOT do? Or: What are the top 5 things a freshman should do? Check back on Friday. Hopefully, that day’s post will answer your question.

What’s it like being a vegan at Kenyon? Easy? Hard? Impossible? The vegan/vegetarian scene is pretty well catered to, with vegetarian meals always available, and most time these meals are vegan-friendly. There is also a vegan fridge with dairy-free milk and cheese products, as well as other things like desserts and waffles. However, it allegedly can sometimes get monotonous. Prepare to eat a lot of tofu and peanut butter. It’s not perfect, but AVI is dedicated to helping out students and is always responding to suggestions. (Source: Anonymous Kenyon Vegan) (Would be a super great band name)

Preparing for Kenyon: Packing Tips

August 18, 2014

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Tip #1: You don’t need to bring your detergent with you.

A lot of the stuff you really need can be purchased in Mount Vernon. Laundry detergent, snacks, hygiene supplies, fans, carpets, really anything can be found in Mount Vernon. There is a Wal-Mart, a K-Mart, a CVS and a Rite-Aid in town. If you want to travel a little farther, you can find Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Costco, and Sam’s Club (and pretty much any other store you can imagine) in Columbus.  Read more…

President Decatur Did The Thing

August 15, 2014

Today, President Decatur accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge from Denison University president, Adam Weinberg. Just in case you haven’t seen this enough on your news feed, here it is again. But somehow, it’s raising money, so I’ll retreat back into my shell for the time being and watch those last ten seconds of footballers jumping gleefully over and over again.

Decatur has nominated Grant Cornwell of of Wooster, Lynn Pasquerella of Mount Holyoke and Marvin Krislov of Oberlin. So. You know. Stay tuned.