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Peirce Hack: Thai Lettuce Wraps

March 28, 2017

look at that presentation!

When I go home for breaks, one of my favorite places to eat is a hole in the wall thai place called Thai Phooket; over spring break I went twice in the span of 6 days and understandably, I miss thai food when I come back to Kenyon. They say that if you love something, let it go, but I’d rather recreate my favorite dishes like how a widow will create an animatronic worthy of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride out of her husband’s corpse. The final product will never be as good as the original but at least there’s someone to blame for not paying the bills. Anyways, please enjoy attempting this recipe! It’s good, I swear!

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Meet a DA: Rebekah Lofgren ’17

March 28, 2017

rebekah DA

The Thrill spotlights a Discrimination Advisor regularly to raise awareness about the resources available to students on campus in relation to issues of discrimination.  They have weekly Office Hours they announce via email and can also be reached at any time using this form. Stay safe this weekend, and know that there is always someone you can talk to if you need help. Today, we’re featuring Rebekah Lofgren ’17.

If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would you eat?

Pasta. I used to eat a box of mac and cheese for breakfast in Middle School.

What’s the last good book you’ve read?

This might be a copout because I had to read it for class last semester, but I liked Terror in the Mind of God by Mark Juergensmeyer. As its subtitle suggests, the book is about the rise of global religious violence (violence performed in the name of religion might be a better way of putting it). Juergensmeyer does not focus on one religion alone; rather, he discusses a diverse range of instances of religious violence, each of which were interesting in their own way

What’d you think about during your walk to class this morning?

That I should be walking to class instead of driving.

Why do you love Kenyon?

Because almost anybody can find at least a few incredible friends here, even if the love affair isn’t with Kenyon itself.

Where’s your favorite place to nap on campus?

3rd floor Olin in the chair in the far corner of the oversize books section.

Why did you become a DA?

I decided I wanted to become a DA after my Freshman Orientation– the DA assigned to my hall was a white male athlete. This was significant to me for several reasons. First, because anybody can be a DA! Just as we shouldn’t assume that DAs have to be “visually diverse” (that’s really silly), we shouldn’t assume that white male athletes aren’t interested in what we do as DAs. My other point is that aspects of diversity and identity go beyond their visual/physical manifestations. Diversity comes in many forms, and conversations of diversity and identity concern everyone. Especially as a Freshman, I appreciated that the DAs understood this.

Earl Sweatshirt Is Coming to Sendoff and Your Brother Who Never Visits Is Finally Jealous of You

March 27, 2017

Me when I found out Earl is coming

We’re all still feeling the burn of Jon Hamm’s canceled appearance at Kenyon (RIP), but lament not Lords and Ladies because EARL SWEATSHIRT is coming to campus. I. AM. SO. EXCITED. WHO. EVEN. NEEDS. JON. HAMM. ANYMORE. NOT. US. CAUSE. WE. GOT. EARL. FAM.  Read more…

The Monday Catchup

March 27, 2017

Yeah. I know I didn’t edit a ketchup bottle into this photo. deal. with. it.

How do I begin my Monday? I rise at 3:37 am. I take an icy cold shower followed by an ice bath just so mild hypothermia sets in (that requires an internal temperature of about 95 degrees, friends and lovers). Fully iced, I go for a brisk seven mile run. I run five more miles, because I have an extra 14 minutes to blow. Once home, I read to my small cohort of chickens and collect their eggs for consumption. I throw the eggs in a blender along with the book I read to my chickens; that should make for a drink with a 1:1 ratio of protein to fiber. I send one email. Afterwords, I get rid of everything that doesn’t fulfill me, such as money. I give a sub-par TED talk about thermodynamics in relation to the Generalized Riemann hypothesis (I much prefer my TED talk about holomorphic functions, complex numbers, and gender bias couched in the sociological jargon of Zygmunt Bauman’s fluid modernity). By now it is usually 6:33 am, the time in which I make sweet love to my lover. I orgasm thrice – a standard amount for me. I ask you about your weekend and you say:

“I saw too many butts.”

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Peirce Date: The Next Chapter

March 26, 2017

the power may have gone out, but look at the spark between these two

For those who do not know about Peirce Date, we set two people up on a blind date at Peirce. It’s a great way for students to connect at no price. Want to go on a Peirce date? Want to find your friend that special someone? Let us know!

We’re back baby. That’s right, it’s another episode of pEiRcE dAtE, where we set up two “willing” participants on a blind date in Peirce. Let’s see how it went:

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How to Regret a Decision

March 24, 2017

We’ve all eaten market chili at 11:59 on a Monday night crying in our beds rewatching the singing episode of Grey’s Anatomy, rethinking our decision to take five classes while still have a thriving social life. We’ve all slipped in the basement of Old K due to a sad puddle of Keystone, and wished we just stayed in bed eating market chili. We’ve all tried to make a wrap in Peirce because we’re above the bowl issue, but instead pissed off the entire panini press line because the tortilla broke and quinoa is spilling everywhere.

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Weekend Forecast: Salmon in Sight

March 24, 2017
salmon in sight

These pants are not for sal-mon.

It’s official! There are boys in the NCA quad with their shirts off! It’s hot hot hot today!  Read more…