10 o’clock List: Ways That I Envy Freshman Me

Keiran, November 2018

I am old. I lay in bed, contemplating my life, thinking about my regrets, resigned to never being able to fix them. It feels like an eternity since I first arrived at Kenyon College, but also a mere blink of an eye. The young, vivacious, glowing boy I was two years ago barely resembles the frail, decrepit husk of a slightly older boy I am today. Naturally, given all the time I have alone with my thoughts these days I choose to dwell on my regrets.

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I Tried Eating Like I Was at Peirce For a Week

Being remote this semester has me missing a lot of things about Kenyon, including Peirce Hall’s cuisine. There’s something about waiting in line for food that makes it taste better, I suppose. Since I was feeling so homesick (Peirce-sick?) for Peirce food, I decided to try and recreate Peirce dishes at home.

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