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10 o’clock list: Plausible Kenyon Summer Blockbusters

May 1, 2016

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It is finally May. The sun is out, the birds are singing annoyingly loud at six in the morning, and that person that you embarrassed yourself sexually in front of is finally graduating. Things are looking up! And despite the occasionally torrential downpour of rain, the weather is finally nice. You can go for a hike, drift down the Kokosing in a raft, or take advantage of the clear skies to take a drive to the Mt. Vernon Premiere Theatre and sit in air-conditioning for two and a half hours to watch the biggest feature films Hollywood has to offer. And though we are all excited for Kenyon alum Ransom Riggs’ ’01 Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children opening this fall, I think there is a lot more Kenyon could offer the silver screen. So here are five of my most humble suggestions. (Call me, Hollywood.)


1. Captain Tacci: Return to Kenyon. In this feature film, our heroine Tacci Smith returns to Kenyon after a terrifying time away. She singlehandedly finds the Peirce cups and saves Sunset Cottage, all while feuding with her frenemy Iron Kane, when their administrative differences threaten to tear Kenyon apart.

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Alumni Respond to Title IX Concerns with Open Letter

May 1, 2016


Friday, April 29th, 2016

Dear President Decatur,

On Wednesday, April 27, a private online forum was created for alumni to share thoughts, concerns, and ideas in response to the blog post in which Michael Hayes detailed his sister’s rape and its aftermath. The group was created out of concern about sexual assault and violence on campus and, as of this afternoon, had over 900 members and continues to expand. In addition to showing solidarity with current students and sharing our own experiences with these issues, we hope to promote changes in policies and procedures that benefit the entire Kenyon community. Read more…

The Privilege of Solidarity

May 1, 2016


This article was guest authored by Savannah Daniels ’18

CW: this post discusses rape and sexual assault. 

This is an opinion piece, all views expressed within it are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of The Thrill.

How many survivors are enough to justify protecting?

In the wake of an open sit-in of support for survivors of sexual assault, op-eds and letters have been flying back and forth. Mic, Teen-Vogue, and Jezebel covered the campus events of the last few days, framing the sit-in as an all campus reaction to administrative mishandling of sexual assault cases. Alumni have reached out in support, and survivors have organized.

Sit-ins have a tradition of empowerment. To be surrounded by supporters, to see the faces around you and know you are not alone in your cause—it can be a source of great empathy and action. But that isn’t what happened this Thursday. Not for everyone.

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This Week in Instagram

May 1, 2016

Every Sunday we track the tag and location #KenyonCollege on Instagram. Then we pick our favorites from the past week. Tag your photos for a chance to appear in next week’s round up!

Chiddy Bang for Summer Sendoff

A photo posted by Hannah Levy (@channahleeveey) on

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Breaking: College Issues Safety Alert After Report of Sexual Assault

May 1, 2016

At 1:52 a.m. Kenyon issued a safety alert to its students via email, text, and phone. The email reads,

The Campus Safety Office received a report indicating that a female resident of Mather Hall was the victim of sexual misconduct in her residence hall room between 8-8:45 pm on Saturday, April 31, 2016.

The suspect, whose identity is unknown, is described as 6 feet tall, with a thin build, blonde hair and wearing khaki pants, a navy v-neck shirt and New Balance sneakers.

You are advised to remain aware of your surroundings at all times, lock your residence hall room door, report any suspicious activity or individuals to Campus Safety immediately, and trust your instincts.

If you have any information whatsoever about this incident, please contact Campus Safety at 740-427-5555.  You may also provide anonymous information on the Rave Guardian app.

Support for students is available through campus resources including the Counseling Center, Sexual Misconduct Advisers, Peer Counselors, Residence Hall staff members, the Dean of Students Office, campus chaplains  and the Civil Rights/Title IX Office.

We are issuing this Timely Warning in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Act.

**Timely warnings are triggered when the campus determines that a Clery related crime presents a serious and/or continuing threat to students and employees, such as a murder, sex offense or robbery. This determination would be made by officials who should be pre-identified in the annual Clery Act report.

Counseling Center: 740-427-5643 Read more…


April 30, 2016


April 30, 2016

The promise of Sendoff is one that’s been paraded around since your days of touring Kenyon as a prospie. It’s a last-hurrah before finals week, a day of fun in the sun (read: clouds) spent with your friends forgoing homework for a day. But nobody ever really mentions Extendoff. What is it, exactly? Read more…