The Monday Catchup

It’s a new semester. A new year. And a new decade. And with all this newness, the Monday Catchup is under new management. My management! With the first week of the semester under our belts, there is much to discuss. For me personally, the past week has been marked by speed walks to the registrar, a long-awaited reunion with the deli’s Mickey Eggs, and an ongoing inner monologue about whether or not I’m “built for a sorority.” For my peers and I, falling back into our Kenyon routines in this new year meant a year of firsts, including:

  1. Toasting my first Peirce bagel of the semester, which I burnt, but ate anyway and insisted to all of my friends that “I didn’t mind it crispy.”
  2. My first post-class panicked phone call to my mom, which began with me questioning if I should drop out of college and live in the forest listening to folk music, and ended with me sitting in the Gunderdome reading Romanticist poetry while listening to folk music. So, like, almost the same thing.
  3. My first “wow, Kenyon is really like that” moment of the semester, which dawned on me after watching the boys on my floor play Strip Smash Bros.

With each first, I get increasingly excited for the moments to come. Here’s to another great semester in the liberal arts institution that I can always count on to serve me nothing short of comedic gold. In that spirit, here are some events coming up on campus this week:

  1. Kenyon Jazz faculty combo performance (Tuesday @ 7, in Peirce Pub)
  2. Kenyon College men’s basketball game vs Hiram College (Wednesday @ 7, in Tomsich Arena)
  3. Natalie Shapero Kenyon Review reading (Thursday @ 4:30, in Finn House Cheever Room)
  4. Drama thesis performance of “Five Flights” by Adam Bock (Friday @ 8, in the Hill Theater)


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See Ya Later, Suckers

2C8E8915-22DB-48E1-A682-7BF7CCC6A4FF 2.JPEGOver the past semester, we—Colleen Kemp ’20 and Michael Audet ’20—have been honored to fulfill our civic duty and serve as the editors-in-chief of the blog. We’ve investigated bathrooms, edited punks, and caused a whole lot of mayhem and mischief. But the semester is wrapping up, and as our reign of terror, our occupation over The Kenyon Thrill comes to an end, we are proud to pass on our duties and neuroses to the new editors-in-chief, Jane Zisman ’20 and Lillian Fox Peckos ’20


Colleen and Michael <3

Festive Jell-O Shot Recipes

alright everybody here’s the deal it’s thursday noon pm and all around me folks are finishing their finals meanwhile I just submitted one final project and had a final exam this morning and an exam yesterday morning and am just now sitting down to write forty pages of a full-length screenplay SO before I switch into aaron sorkin mode I must warm my poor ropey brain back up and to do that I’m gonna spit-ball some festive jell-o shot recipes or really jell-o shot concepts because how the fuck do you even make jell-o anyways?

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Thrill Seniors Reminisce: Pipe Cats, Mitski, Jon Hamm and Other Things

Concert poster

The year was 2016, the Zika virus was afoot, Ryan Lochte lied about being robbed at gunpoint at the Rio Olympics, Kim Kardashian was actually robbed at gunpoint in Paris, and the class of 2020 settled into life at Kenyon. It may have only been around 4 years ago, but life was different and the time is ripe for us to lotion up our liver spots, pop in our orthopedic shoes, and chomp down on our dentures, as we reminisce about back in the day…

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