Interviewing Animals That Have Been Found in Various Buildings Across Campus

Group of pets posing around a border collie; dog, cat, ferret, rabbit, bird, fish, rodent

Everybody knows that one of the best parts about attending Kenyon is getting back to your roots and connecting with nature. Rolling cornfields, wide open skies, and entire ecosystems of wildlife… some of them living in our very own residence halls! We took the liberty of interviewing some of these critters in hopes of better understanding our very own tree of life.

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10 o’clock list: The Types of People You’ll Find Around Middlepath

My MAiN GOAL iS TO BLOW UP | Foundation

Whether it was a family phone call when I accidentally called my sister a hairy gorilla, last week’s lunch date with my girlfriend when I gave the wrong answer to a very tricky question, or an off-color joke I made last night about my buddy’s relationship with his parents, I often find myself needing to take some time to simply shut the fuck up. As a Kenyon student, when my mouth has gotten me in trouble I’ve found it smart to be quiet, depart from the situation in which I’ve created turmoil, and find a comfy place to sit and observe instead. In moments when I’ve put myself in timeout, while people-watching, I have assembled the following list. So without further ado, I present to you my lovely reader, The Types of People You’ll Find Around Middlepath.

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