• So Long, Farewell, We’re Gone

    Wow what a semester! As always, this is just a post to say that Erica and I have been honored to be your Editors-in-Chief. We’ve had some good times running

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  • Dear Class of 2021

      Dear Incoming Member of the Class of 2021, You will not meet me your Orientation week. I won’t hold open the doors of the library for you. I will

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  • This Week in Instagram

    Every Sunday we track the tag and location #KenyonCollege on Instagram. Then we pick our favorites from the past week. Tag your photos for a chance to appear in next

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  • The Weekend Drink: Finals Edition

    Hello Everyone. It’s been quite a week, so I’m here to soothe all your pain. I have a great drink for you all that’s sure to take the edge off

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  • Weekend Playlist: Finals Week

    Well. Here you go. Play it while you cry. Play it while you make love. Play it while you take finals. Play it after you take finals. Play it while

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  • Kenyon College Geotag Filters

    Snapchat. What an app. The faceless ghost mediates flirty interactions, double chin selfies, and everything else us “youths” are up to these days. Snapchat has created a space for budding

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  • Look at this dog

    Meet Sparkles! She’s a shelter cat from the cat café “Eat Purr Love” in Columbus, Ohio. This gal in particular is pending adoption, but if you’re looking for cat companionship,

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  • Lit Lit: Frankenstein

    Lit Lit is a new segment I will be hosting in which I get someone lit, and then that someone chooses a work of literature and gives me a summary

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  • Where was it said: Sendoff or In Bed?

    As the weekend of Sendoff 2017 fades into the distant, boozy past, it’s important to reflect on all that went down. It rained like nobody’s business, Brasstracks told us that they

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  • The Monday Catchup

    It was a long wait, but Earl Poloshirt finally headlined his own show in Gambier this weekend.  The Odd Future member was initially set to perform at Kenyon College back in

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The Monday Catchup

The Monday Catchup has shared a document on Google Docs with you themondaycatchup@kenyon.edu to hhhhhhhhhhhh., bcc: old_kenyon_res.   The Monday Catchup has invited you to view the following document: Go ahead. Click the button. Once you do I’ll have access to your social security number, your mother’s maiden name, and the PRECISE location of your last sexual foray. So much

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