For You…


As I walked towards Peirce this morning, in the blowing winds, I noticed, half buried by the snow, an envelope reading “For You.” My curiosity piqued, I peered inside, only to discover an empty envelope. Confused, but thinking little of it, I continued on my way, but not ten feet later another envelope, bearing the same message, jutted out of the snow. This one too was empty, but now I kept a watch for these mysterious messages. Just outside the Gates of Hell I was rewarded. A full envelope lay at my feet. I snatched it up, but then hesitated, “what if this was something personal, a love letter, did I want to violate their privacy?” My curiosity won me over and I pulled from within the envelope a handwritten letter (small nib fountain pen by the looks of it). Expecting to find a someone’s personal note to a friend or loved one, I found a letter addressed simply to “Anyone, Someone” This is what I read:

Anyone, Someone,

Here is a brief reminder in the hope that you take a minute to appreciate yourself, to remember your influence, your accomplishments and to recognize your incredible potential. This is a message to an unknown recipient, whomever you might be, that you deserve love. I write this to remind you that wherever you are in your life, whatever came before, you have every opportunity to make an even better future for yourself. And while I may be one faceless stranger writing to another, I have no doubt that whoever you are, you have a unique combination of experiences, beliefs and abilities which make you beautiful and invaluable. But when you strip away these characteristics, you are still left with the core of the human spirit shared by all of us. It will carry you through difficult times, it will be a prominent factor in your success and it is that common link present in you that is also worthy of love. That constant– that depth of human feeling, thought and intuition and that awe-inspiring drive to grow, learn and better ourselves– gives me a sense of confidence which no amount of variables and other details could dissuade. For everything you’ve done, every choice, every decision and especially everything you have yet to do, thank you. For your humanity, ever present, you have my deepest gratitude. Yours is a beautiful gift and one that I hope you treasure for the rest of your life.


Someone, Anyone


I folded the letter and placed it back where I had found it. Weighted it down with little snow to prevent the fierce winds from blowing it away, and carried on towards Peirce, feeling happier, feeling content with myself, with humanity. Not ten feet more I found another letter, the same letter, done out in the same hand. I kept this one, for that I’ve felt a little guilty. I’ve deprived someone their chance to have this random letter of kindness cross their path. I’ve seen others around campus today, and I hope people took time to read them, to treasure the words and the random compliments. “Someone, Anyone,” Kenyon owes you a debt of gratitude. Your random act of kindness is an inspiration for us all to be a little nicer, a little more accepting. What you did took hard work and courage and above all it took faith in humanity. You have made the winter a little warmer today. To quote from your letter “For your humanity, ever present, you have my deepest gratitude”


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