Quiz: Which March Sister Are You Based on Your Kenyon Habits

It happened. You saw Little Women and returned to campus feeling reborn. It’s as if the spirit of Greta Gerwig herself paid a visit to your house in suburban Connecticut and directed you to come of age like a late-19th century woman. But which March sister are you most like, you may be wondering? Thanks to The Thrill, your question will be answered. Take this quiz to find out which little woman you would be based on your lifestyle choices in 2020s Gambier Ohio.

Question 1: You vow to join more clubs this semester! Which looks most interesting to you?

A) The Kenyon Review. Which will probably cut into the time I have to work on my novel. But I’ll stay up anyway and do both by candlelight. Provided my roommate (who definitely hates me because I wake her up by muttering “damn that’s good” to myself while writing) doesn’t tell campo I have candles.

B) I want to volunteer on the farm and at Wiggin Street Elementary. But I also want to take music lessons. I would really love to serenade both children and goats.

C) I’m going to try to get one of my paintings showcased in Gund Gallery. But my sister better let me go to all-campuses with her, or else I’m sabotaging her KR application.

D) I’d love to act in student productions! But if that doesn’t work out, I’ll swipe on Tinder until I find myself a charming Wooster man. And I’ll wait to tell my family that he doesn’t go to Kenyon.

Question 2: It’s the start of the weekend– how are you going to spend your free time?

A) When I’m not writing in my room, I guess I’ll run around the BFEC with my best friend who may or may not be in love with me?

B) In Storer.

C) I’ll sit outside and sketch a picture of my sister’s best friend, who I may or may not be in love with.

D) Deciding whether or not I should buy a silk dress.

Question 3: Besides Peirce, where is your favorite place to eat on campus?

A) Chilitos, probably.

B) The Deli. That one woman who works there is just so sweet.

C) The V.I., although they should commission some new artwork. I’m not sure how I feel about the 3D hamburger on the wall.

D) The Kenyon Inn.

Question 4: What is your major and what will you do with it?

A) English. And set the world on fire.

B) Music. I want to play piano in nursing homes.

C) Studio Art. I’ll go to France looking to paint, but end up finding love.

D) Theater. Or Anthro. Or just being really kind and beautiful. And I want to get married.

If you answered Mostly A’s, congrats, you’re Saoirse Ronan! Oops, I mean Jo March. You have huge dreams and probably love to write. Your drive won’t let you stop until you get there, go you.

If you answered Mostly B’s, you’re Beth. I love her, but that’s tough.

If you answered Mostly C’s, you’re Amy. Yay! You’re the May Queen! Oops wrong Florence Pugh role. Actually you love painting and boys that really look like they need to be fed a hearty soup.

If you answered Mostly D’s, you’re Meg. Your character is a little too based around getting married for my taste, but you’re loving and honest. Maybe I’m just jaded.

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