The Monday Catch Up

Good morning, kiddos. It’s 11:15 on Monday, Dec. 12. Welcome to Kamp Kenyon exam week.

The lead story: The Supreme Court plans to hear a challenge to the tough immigration law in Arizona that has activists crying foul. Given that they are also going to rule on healthcare reform and Texas redistricting, we’d imagine that Barack Obama might be stressing a little.

Everything else:

A new study reveals that Facebook is the most-used (non-market) application on the Android platform. In other words, Mark Zuckerberg is absolutely our new benevolent overlord.

John Corzine, who ran MF Global into the ground, was obsessed with individual trades (including a controversial one having to do with European debt), and regulators knew about the unreasonable risk for months before the firm fell apart.

The situation in Syria remains chaotic, as rebels in the South battle government troops.

The weather: For most of this week, temperatures will hover above 40 degrees, but the warm(er) weather will be tempered by rain. The sun will return Friday as you are leaving.

The stat: Five days until you can sleep as late as you want.

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