Peirce Dates: “So, What’s Your Favorite Color?”

Peirce Date it is a lovely thing where The Thrill sets two people up on a blind date at Peirce, and then we find out how it went. Wanna go on a Peirce Date? Wanna nominate a friend? Let us know

Peirce, a place for love? (via

Last Thursday around 7:19 p.m. Julia Flessel ’14 and Alex Piper ’16 met for the first time in Thomas.

See how the date went after the jump!

Contestant #1 — Julia Flessel ’14:

  1. Major: Political Science

    Julia Flessel ’14, a classy lady.

  2. Hometown: Berkley, CA
  3. Describe yourself in terms of food: I am like a Laffy taffy, apparently. No, I’d rather be tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.
  4. Ideal date: I’m not picky, I’d be really impressed if a guy could just cook me dinner. Should I aim higher?
  5. Your best pick-up line/ice breaker: “I don’t have a library card, but do you mind if I check you out?”  It’s cheesy, but still funny.
  6. Where to find you on a Saturday night: How do I say “drinking” and still sound like I have things going for me in my life?
  7. Best lie you’ve ever told: I can’t remember. I feel like I’m pretty gullible and end up being the person getting lied to, not the one doing the lying.
  8. Best thing about Kenyon: The scenery. The people. The trees.
  9. Worst thing about Kenyon: February, especially since this month no longer has Phling going for it. RIP.
  10. In 20 years you are…  I’m married and have a couple of kids and a dog. I assume I have some sort of high-powered job in a government agency, but no specifics on that yet.

Contestant #2 — Alex Piper ’16:

  1. Major: Undecided

    Alex Piper ’16 showing off his pearly whites for the camera.

  2. Hometown: South Burlington, Vermont
  3. Describe yourself in terms of food: A medium rare cheeseburger and beer battered fries with a vanilla milkshake…but healthy
  4. Ideal date: An evening on the beach with a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model.
  5. Where to find you on a Saturday night: On the dance floor
  6. Your best pick-up line/ice breaker: My eyes.
  7. Best lie you’ve ever told: Sorry, I have a lot of homework tonight.
  8. Best thing about Kenyon: The tight knit community and ultimate frisbee.
  9. Worst thing about Kenyon: “You go to school in Kenya?!”
  10. In 20 years you are… Living the dream. Professional athlete, philanthropist, nature photographer, male model, CEO, Ambassador, Professor. Choose two.

About the date…

The evening started in chaos. Flessel had gotten to Peirce earlier for dinner and said the chicken nugets were “delicious.” Piper had accidentally fallen asleep in Norton and thus showed up late. He apologized profusely and everything was forgiven. Flessel, a carefree and easy-going lass, did not mind. (Ed: It was probably the chicken nuggets that made everything okay.)

Piper: It was very enjoyable. We started off with the basics: where you’re from, major, things you do on campus, classes you’re taking, people we know, how we got to Kenyon. I thought it was interesting that her brother went here and was also a poly sci major. She’s an aunt. Julia is very easy to talk to. Oh, and she plays rugby, which is cool because I play ultimate frisbee. So yeah, club sports!

Flessel: It was good. He was very nice and pretty easy to talk to. He was eating dinner and I didn’t want to rush him, but at times I felt like I was talking at him. We talked about classes. He was very interested in my elections class because he’s thinking about majoring in political science or I.S. so I was like excited! Because poly sci is the best. We talked about where we were fun, where we live: upper Norton — it’s the best. (Flessel also lived in upper Norton her first year.) We talked about sports a little bit. Talked about our weird friends watching us on our Peirce Date. … Oh, this was funny: after we had covered all the basic stuff, he was like “So, what’s your favorite color?” It was great.

How about the atmosphere…

Piper: It was nice. Comfortable. I mean, it was weird, felt like freshmen orientation. And I was eating and she had already eaten dinner, so it that was a little awkward. But maybe that’s just my personality. But it was fine.

Flessel: It was good. I liked that we had it later at night, so it wasn’t super noisy or crowded. I think that took some of the pressure off. The whole dining room was low-key, that way our conversation could be low-key and chill.

How did your Peirce Date stand up to your other romantic encounters at Kenyon?

Piper: Because it was a blind date and set up, that made it less spontaneous. I felt that made it less romantic. I also felt that the age had something to do with it. I think that kind of thing can really detract when you’re in a formal situation like this and not just meeting someone randomly. I think having something set up prevents that spark. But still it takes time and it’s hard to have a connection on a half-hour date.

Flessel: I’ve never been on a real date at Kenyon. I’ve never actually sat down and just had a conversation with a boy that I don’t know. And that was nice. I mean, it’s not that hard to do. Like I can talk to a stranger for like 40 minutes; that’s not a big deal.

What about a second date? 

Piper:  Yeah, absolutely. I like getting to know new people. I feel like the first time you meet people is the weirdest and the least valuable. First impressions are important but the more time you spend with them, the more you can really figure out who they are.

Flessel: I would. I don’t know if I could go on a second date because we only talked for like 35 minutes, but I liked getting to know him. I wouldn’t mind talking with him again. It was nice to meet someone that has a completely different friend circle and … is in a completely different grade.

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  1. Has anyone ever actually sparked a real relationship from a Peirce Date? Like, if it worked one time, then this has been worth it for sure. Former Peirce Daters? Friends of former Peirce Daters?


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