Overheard at Kenyon, Volume Whatever

overheardWe’re always listening.

Once again, The Thrill has been inadvertently stalking you. As always, if you see your own words here, sorry. Feel free to claim it in the comments, or just be completely silent for the rest of your time at Kenyon.

Incredulous professor to student as they walk in with a potted plant: “You brought a plant!?!?”

Emotional  girl at WiggleGround: “Don’t go into the restaurant business. It’s terrible! Just don’t do it. I’m serious.”

Loud male student at the VI: “And that’s why I don’t buy drinks for girls!”

  • Skeptical woman in the booth behind me who also overheard: “Because they won’t let you?”

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Very serious male at Peirce: “If you think about it, you never lick your own face. Only other people’s.”

Slightly intoxicated girl at the Cove: “Those dudes are HAWT. Like really hawt. Like I would read fanfiction about them. Like I would take the time to write fanfiction about them.”

  • Not as intoxicated friend: “Yeah, you’re like their biggest fan.” 

Female student telling her half-interested friend about her morning run: “But that cemetery is hella nice.”

The Scene: group of first-year girls at WiggleGround pulled a table up to a booth and made a big commotion. People were perturbed by their actions and volume level. It was awkward.

  • One first-year girl: “Guys … hey guys … I feel weird about this … there are no free tables and like … people are staring.”
  • [Ed.: Yeah, honey, people are staring because the eight of your are being super duper rude.]
  • Silence from the group.
  • Another first-year girl: “Whatever, it’s fine.”

Sleep-deprived male student:  “I think I need to make some serious changes. You know, like it shouldn’t hurt to just live.”  [Ed.: Good luck, man. Try getting some sleep.]

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