Peirce Pressures

Don’t stomp your little last season Prada shoes at me, honey.

There’s a new Kenyon blog in town, and it’s not run by the admissions office. That’s right, folks, I’m talking about Peirce Pressure, a student-run Tumblr that lovingly chronicles all of the ways that we stress ourselves out while obtaining and eating food at Peirce.  I was lucky enough to get an interview with the student who runs Peirce Pressure—who, like every good internet troll, wishes to remain anonymous—and here’s what they had to say…

(The owner of Peirce Pressure will be referred to as ‘PP’ throughout this article.)

Thrill: What gave you the idea for Peirce Pressure?

PP: A friend of mine … We were sitting in Peirce. And I think that we were talking about how stressful Peirce could be at certain times. She mentioned something and said, “It’s like peer pressure, only Peirce Pressure.” We thought it was hilarious and started coming up with all these ways that Peirce pressures you. I enjoyed the conversation so much I decided I would share it.

Thrill: Have you gotten good reception so far?

PP: So far, except for one person that was really angry that I put the thing about cookie pie, about pretending to like it, and they really got angry… They said… “Shut up. Cookie pie is actually the greatest thing ever.” I really like cookie pie though. I just got that idea from a friend.

I get a bit protective over cookie pie, as well.

I get a bit protective over cookie pie, as well.

Thrill: Do you have anything special planned in the future? Like a Midnight Breakfast themed Peirce Pressure (not that I’m forcing this idea on you or anything)?

PP: Yeah, that would be fun! I don’t really have any long-term plans like whenever… A couple of people have submitted, but once I run out of ideas and the submissions stop I’ll let the blog fall back down, but that would be a good way to find more ideas, so…

Thrill: So where did you get the picture for it?

PP: I just searched ‘Peirce Dining Hall’ on Google Images.

Thrill: You know what website that’s from?

PP: The Thrill.

Thrill: Lovingly pilfered from the Thrill… Any other comments?

PP: It’s just something fun to do. It’s not…

Thrill: Not a long-term career choice?

PP: No.

Stock prices for Peirce Pressure skyrocketed after going global. Sadly, so did the paperwork.

Thrill: Have you thought about taking Peirce Pressure global?

PP: No. Peirce Pressure is not my major. I am not majoring in anything Internet based.

Thrill: Have you talked to AVI employees about Peirce Pressure and their opinions?

PP: No, I have not. That would be funny, though.

Thrill: Does Peirce Pressure have an opinion on outsourcing?

PP: Peirce Pressure remains neutral on issues about policy.

Thrill: How pragmatic… What’s your favorite food at Peirce?

PP: Tres leches cake. Absolutely. I had never even heard of it before coming here.

Thrill: What’s your least favorite food at Peirce?

PP: Panna cotta. The desserts… I try various desserts when they look interesting. Sometimes they’re good, like tres leches cake and sometimes…

Thrill: They’re panna cotta.

PP: Yeah, they’re panna cotta.

Thrill: Would you like people to continue submitting ideas?

PP: Yeah, that’d be great! I’ve got a couple submissions and they’re not necessarily peer pressure-related, just funny things that have happened in Peirce. So it may just turn into that. I like where that’s going. I have it queued up for one a day and it’s set to last me until Sunday. Then I’ll probably take a break for winter break and then come back.

Thrill: Thanks so much!

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  1. Since PP is fixated on desserts, maybe they should interview Sodexo and find out if: (1) they make cookie pie and tres leches cake (and if so, whether theirs is as good ); and (2) they make panna cotta (and if so, whether theirs is better).

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