10 o’clock list: Top Ways to Spend New Year’s Eve

I know, it’s not even Christmas. I don’t care. If you want to have a bomb New Year’s Eve you should start planning now.  Or you’ll end up like me, spending your fourth New Year’s Eve in a row with your parents watching an  Arnold Schwarzenegger movie and then go to bed at 10:30 because you can’t stay up to see the ball drop. I refuse to let you Thrill seekers share the same terrible fate as me. So take a break from studying or drinking a weird cocktail of scotch, Svedka and milk because you’re done, and brainstorm ways to ring in 2013! When all you can think of is “get drunk” read this list.  Happy New Year’s!

  1. Times Square — I’ve never been to New York on New Year’s Eve, but I hear it’s awful. Every New Yorker I know has told me at least six times that Times Square is the worst place on Earth on New Year’s. Nonetheless, this little Wisconsinite still wants to go to the most famous party in the world once in her life. I want to get those glasses, wear a funny hat, and see Regis. But I guess I can do all those things in my basement.  
  2. House Party — Bring it back to those not so distant high school days and party at a friend’s house. The playlist should be Middle School hits ONLY.  If you live in a Kenyon-hot-spot city, invite some Lords and Ladies to show off to your high school friends. Blend them with some adult beverages and see what happens.  It’s a recipe for magic or awkwardness.
  3. Reenact the movie “New Year’s Eve” —  There are a billion plot lines, (this ins’t a hyperbole, I actually counted) so there is a role for all of your friends and relatives. I call Bon Jovi!
  4. Do as the Danish — In Denmark, people celebrate New Year’s by throwing dishes at their neighbors’ doors. Supposedly, the more dishes you break the more luck you will have in the new year. I don’t really understand the connection but it sounds like a good time. That is until the policie show up.
  5. Pull A “When Harry Met Sally — Now, I’m not saying you have to give your best fake orgasm performance in public (but go for it if you’re looking for some feedback) or propose to anyone on New Year’s Eve. But do tell someone that you care about them. Whether its a friend, relative, roommate or lover let them know that you’re glad to have them in your life. Just don’t send a text to everyone you know; it seems insincere.

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